Going further with INTI International College Subang

Remember I blogged about wanting to further my studies and I’ve been going around looking for the perfect place to do my post-grad and I was really looking forward to check out the new INTI International College Subang?

Well, I managed to go and check them out during their INTI Edge Festival. The newly revamped campus is vibrant but not too big. Perfect for those who are looking for an intimate community based place to study.

Was really pleased to discover first hand that they prepared ample parking space with proper lighting and security for their staff and students. Brownie point one, in my opinion. One can never be too careful these days and security is something that I would really consider if I were to study in this place.

Being a Friday and a working day, I arrived quite late to sample most of the things that they have to offer during the INTI Edge Festival; you know, their fashion show, their international food tasting session etc, but thankfully, I was just in time for their Youtube Celebrity Gathering where famous local  Youtube celebrity like Jinnyboy, The Ming Ting, The Grimfilm and many more gathers and perform their never seen before song and vid.

The gathering was held in the new auditorium that was equipped with seats that comes with its own power outlet and foldable table. It was sufficiently air-conditioned and to say that it was hi-tech is an understatement. The clear projector along with awesome sound system was something to be praised. If a student is to attend a lecture and whatnot here, they’d probably be hearing the lecturer speaking with absolute clarity. No students will be missing any notes either, even if their laptop batteries are running low as they can simply plug the adapter to the chair and whatever that was shown on the screen was very clear. Talk about HD quality. If only my alma mater’s lecture hall was as well equipped as this, I wouldn’t have to suffer copying notes from my classmates back then when I was doing my diploma.

πŸ™ What a shame!

Anyway, here’s Jenn performing with her ukulele. πŸ˜€ Sorry for the nasty video quality. I’m just an amateur and I merely shot it with my phone before uploading it to Youtube. Maybe if I were to further my studies there in INTI as a Mass Communication or a Broadcasting student, they’d be teaching me on how to shoot and edit better videos with limited resources instead. πŸ˜›

Apart from live performance and video presentation by the Youtube celebrities, there was also a Q&A session where visitors and students alike are encouraged to ask questions. I was really pleased to note that the session was really inspiring and plenty of students are interested in getting as creative and as bold and daring as the Youtubers themselves. I suppose this is INTI’s way of encouraging their students in doing something creative and different instead of just going by the books and merely cram for exam every semester. Seeing all these makes me really happy. I mean, this is just something that I want and need. If I were to further my study, I wouldn’t want to just get my nose stuck in the book. I want to be inspired and encouraged to do something really innovative instead of being told that as long as I score in my exam, I’ll do fine. I admit that excelling academically is important if you’re to survive climbing the corporate ladder, but being industrially competent is just as crucial, especially if you’re in the creative industry like me.

Anyway, a handful of us were given a chance to exclusively tour around the campus by Mr. Dominic Szambowski.

Plenty of spacious and air-conditioned classroom for student’s studying pleasure.

Spotted a swimming pool in the vicinity of the college while we were given a tour around the college. LOL. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes? Well, at least for me. I’m a swimmer, and I definitely think that this is another brownie point for INTI International College Subang. πŸ˜› I can really imagine going for a swim before going back home after a long day in college.

The CAD Lab was well equipped with powerful machines, and I bet architecture and engineering students will benefit from this lab the most.

The Mac Lab was pretty impressive.

Loads of new powerful Mac and my hands was practically itching to turn one of them on to try them out, but I refrained, of course.


I wish I could fiddle around with them for a while, but I guess they are off-limits and for students only, huh? πŸ™ I suppose if I wanna use the Macs, I’d have to enroll as a student, after all.

The climax of the INTI Edge Festival was of course the dance party, but what caught my attention was not the loud, blasting music but the graffiti art display.

The art display must have been some of the students’ submission for the Graffiti Art Competition that I’ve missed earlier.

Anyway, the new INTI International College Subang does not disappoint and the INTI Edge Festival was worth going. I may have missed some activities in the itinerary like magic show, international gastronomic adventure, art competition, etc, but personally, I understood that the festival was aimed to introduce interested parties to experience the college culture through various activities that is related through various courses; eg: international food tasting/show- Hospitality Course, Youtube celebrity gathering Mass comm/ Broadcasting, Graffiti art competition- Art course, fashion show- Fashion Design Course. A wonderful way to showcase not only their newly upgraded and developed campus, but also to give a first hand taste of INTI college’s culture to those who are interested in furthering their studies there, I must say.

I’m awfully tempted to enroll and further my studies there myself as they do offer the course that I’m interested in, which is Mass Communication, but of course, there’s still a lot of things for me to consider such as financial support as well as accommodation and whatnot if I were to further my studies there. Time, would be something scarce and have to be well-managed too if I were to balance my family life and student life.


But lucky me, they have night and weekend class. Another plus point though I know that it won’t be easy for me second time around. I’m no longer single and I have my husband and son to consider. Necessary arrangements must be made if I were to really consider enrolling. I have yet to survey the area and get my hands on their prospectus and have a look at their subjects and the credit hours that I must fulfill. High time I go and get one before I make any decision, I suppose? πŸ˜›

Anyway, if you are interested in furthering your studies here in INTI International College Subang, you may visit www.newinti.edu.my for more info.




  1. small kucing says:

    No wonder la I saw isaac post but tarak see in your ohoto.

    You still young. Otak not karat yet like me. Should go study. Alien is slready schooling. So u n him do homework together lo. My fren also. She is same age as me. She taking weekend classes to upgrade herself.

    • 17 year old dating 22 year old illegal says:

      I’m considering actually. Take PTPTN or something, but not this year la, so many issue, still. Kaotim those first, den baru pikir nak balik sekolah or not.

      I saw lotsa college and uni have weekend class these days, good chance to go back study. Nid to do business liao…bake cookies and sell or wud… tambah belanja. πŸ˜›

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