Too much romance

I’ve always loved fairy tales, with handsome prince and adorable princesses getting married and stuff. But these days, fairy tales and dramas seems to be a tad disgusting for me. It consist of old man courting and proposing marriage to each each other. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Ohh… actually I am talking about the latest fairy-tale drama on Bulletin Utama, TV3.

Once upon a time, there was two princes who have been rival for a very, very long time. One prince was called UhmmNo while another prince was called AhPas.

Prince UhmmNo has always been the stronger one. He always win the heart of the citizens, no matter what he do. But slowly, the citizens begin to dislike him, because they found out that he don’t actually care for the citizen’s welfare, and treats the citizens quite unfairly.

One fine day, there is a competition, and the prize is a very beautiful Island with a bounty of treasure. Prince UhmmNo and Prince AhPas sent their best knights and warriors to fight over the beautiful Island. They fought quite fairly, and Prince UhmmNo lost some part of the competition to Prince AhPas and his knights and was forced to share the beautiful Island with Prince AhPas and his court.

Now, Prince UhmmNo gets very, very furious. He feels that loosing is such an insult. He cannot accept it! Never before he had lost like that to Prince AhPas and his knights, so now, Prince UhmmNo swears to himself, that he will do whatever it takes to have the beautiful Island to himself! Oh dear. That is bad. One should not be consumed with greed and power and learn how to share.

Prince UhmmNo try whatever he can thinks of to get rid of Prince AhPas. He tried badmouthing Prince AhPas and his court, but no one wants to listen. Then he tried to create bad rumours about how bad Prince AhPas would treat the Island’s citizens if he and his court are to rule longer, but unfortunately for him the citizens refused to listen, because they know that Prince UhmmNo did not treat them that well either.

Now, the greedy Prince UhmmNo is very unhappy because no matter what he do, Prince AhPas and his court still stands strong. One thing about Prince UhmmNo is that he is very resourceful. He told himself, if he can make Prince AhPas falls in love with him and marry him, then Prince AhPas would ditch his court and handover the Island to him.

So, the sly Prince UhmmNo goes all sweet and sugary, buttering up Prince AhPas with beautiful and romantic words. Prince UhmmNo went on his knees and made a marriage proposal.

“AhPas, my dear, please marry me. You know that I actually try to piss you off because I want to get your attention. I actually fell in love with you ever since I first saw you, AhPas. Oh, darling, please marry me. I cannot live without you. Let us marry, for the sake of the Island’s people. We can rule together as one.” Prince UhmmNo said sweetly to Prince Ahpas as he kneels down to propose. He brought roses and a chunk of diamond with him and showed it to Prince AhPas.

Prince AhPas was not really convinced that Prince UhmmNo is truly in love with him and is sincere about marrying him. Deep inside, he knew that Prince UhmmNo just wanted part of the Island to himself. So Prince AhPas decided to play hard to get.

“UhmmNo, darling. But you already have a lot of wives. I am not sure if they will treat me well. But since you are in love with me, I think I will consider your proposal if you divorce them.” Prince AhPas said with a glee as he eyed the sweet scented roses and a huge chunk of diamond.

“Please marry me. Your court are useless. You have to think about the citizens. They are suffering now because we’re not married. I will even let you be the one who wear the pants if we get married. I’ll let you be the boss. Let’s get married, for our citizen’s sake.” Prince UhmmNo pleaded.

“I told you, darling. I will consider if you divorce all of your wives and devote all of your time only to me, and agree to obey me and agree to what I think is right.” Prince AhPas said firmly.

“But AhPas my sweet, I am afraid that my wives will bash me up if I divorce them. You wouldn’t want such thing to happen, do you, hunbun?” Prince UhmmNo said as crocodile tears started to form in his huge eyes.

“What do I care? If you want to marry me, then you will have to agree with my conditions. I am not cheap, you know? Besides, I want a pre-nuptial agreement, just in case you play dirty after we get married.” Prince AhPas cleverly said.

“I don’t know AhPas my love. I just hope that you can accept my love unconditionally…” Prince UhmmNo said.

“Well,UhmmNo, we can continute to have dates and discuss the terms of marriage if you want. But let me tell you, I will not marry you if you don’t agree to my conditions.” AhPas said, as he walks away from Prince UhmmNo to return to his own kingdom and wait for their next dates.

The article below is the picture of Prince AhPas, taken from The Sun. He was asking Prince UhmmNo for a pre-nuptial agreement.

Prince AhPas asking for pre-nuptial agreement
Prince AhPas asking for pre-nuptial agreement

To be continued in the next episode….

Cleffairy: Please excuse me while I go and puke over my own storytelling, people. LOL. 😛


  1. cleffairy says:

    Hi there malimdeman. Thank you for visiting and commenting.*sigh* what is becoming of Malaysian politics these days? It’s actually very easy to make fun of those people in comparison of a few years ago. I have fun playing with ideas nevertheless. 😛

  2. KevinP says:

    Prince UhmmNO is like the bachelor nobody wants today ah….. but is still willing to co-habitate with Prince AhPas… but Prince AhPas say I dun play backside one… but if you insist….

    but clef,. u v free ler writing fairy tales for nightmares….

  3. cleffairy says:

    Hihi ahfu. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I really love your blog, it’s so nice! Definitely made it to my favourite travelogue.:-D
    That article? It’s something I made up cuz Malaysian politics these days are so laughable. LOL. Might as well have some fun with it, since there’s not much thing we ‘small fries’ can do about it.

    Kevin… just make sure you don’t tell this kind of fairytales to your kids. They’re gonna have nightmares for sure! Prince UhmmNo gone case oredi la. These two princes are totally from different world and have different views on how things should be run. How to get married? But it’ll be interesting to see them get married. You know, sure a lot of drama in their marriage…flying saucers, pans and brooms everywhere!


  4. ahfu says:

    i know all these recent political affairs are so ridiculous hilarious

    anyway so it seems like you only like to read my travelogue and not random entry about my life huuh? i just want to get feedback so i would know what to write in the future, or make another new blog for my random life, as not all like to read random stuff, well glad to hear that you like reading my blog, i will try to post as many as possible ya, turkey is just the starting of my journey another 99% to go…ok i know it is a long way =p

  5. cleffairy says:

    LOL… no lah, ahfu… I haven’t got the chance to browse most of your entry yet. My Internet line during the weekend have the efficiency of a turtle. 🙁

  6. Calvin says:

    yo clef… should’ve been a director for the drama. Guess you forgot about King Anwar…

    King Anwar was a handsome bloke. He was well liked by the citizens due to his excellent political forte. Many of Prince Uhmmno’s followers were his. On one fine day, Prince Uhmmno felt threatened and decided to create an uproar. Prince Uhmmno publicly declared that King Anwar is a bloody gay and has sodomised one of his followers. Some of King Anwar’s followers defended King Anwar by war of words and some even marched the street, by what they call the “Walk Of Revolusi”. Since Prince Uhmmno has the police and army with him, they retaliated by bashing up the protestors and even jailed some of them. At last, Prince Uhmmno and his cronies won the day, and King Anwar was imprisoned with shame.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Haha… aiseh man, I forget all about King Anwar…LOL. Eh, tht feller is gonna compete in Permatang Pauh soon. It’s not a wonder Prince UhmmNo gets edgy and started to take those populist action to win the heart of the citizens…lowering fuel price? Argh, political gimmick only lah!

  8. cleffairy says:

    I shudder to think when Prince UhmmNo lost to King AnWar… i wonder what is in stored in Prince UhmmNO’s torture chamber.

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