Twin Travel and eWana FM Bowling Tournament

What do you usually do on the weekends? I used to just stay home and do nothing, feeling bored and pretty much useless, but these days I try to let down my hair a bit and do things that will make me feel good, either attending events, spend time with my loved ones or attend self improvement classes.

Last week I did something very different though. Instead of going on trips, attending events or going for classes, I compete in a bowling tournament instead.

 photo IMG_20150118_102929_zpsf4b1hezp.jpg

The bowling tournament was jointly organized by Twin Travel and eWana FM at Wangsa Bowl, Wangsa Walk Mall Kuala Lumpur.

 photo IMG_20150118_103334_zps1blqslpo.jpg

I’ll be frank with you. It’s been more than a decade since I last bowled. If my memory serves me right, the last time I went bowling was during my college years. Went with my boyfriend (now husband) whenever we are on dates.

Was a bit rusty, of course, but before the actual day…I did went bowling with friends to practice a lil. 😛 There’s 3 person in one team and there are 30 participating contestants that day. My team consists of myself, my husband and my unofficial coach, Hilman. 🙂

Here’s sharing with you the pictures we took that day.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0024_zps0wziq2zf.jpg

Excitements at the registration counter.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0053_zpshkyl4wqx.jpg

All pumped up for the game

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0013_zpsd3kh54c0.jpg

All my macho ‘boyfriends’ 😛

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0043_zpsszbfy4jg.jpg

From left: My friends Nora, Saman and Fareez.

Male model Ben and Yard having fun and taking selfie before the game.

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These two are definitely the Kings of selfies

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0022_zpsgqqezc0l.jpg

Group photo before the game started.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0014_zpslw3kxqvi.jpg

Had a shock of the century when my friend DJ Kozz and his team dolled up for the game. 😛 Just look at their bling bling outfit. And guess what? They even do catwalk and dance each time they bowled the ball at the alley. Talk about having fun! 😛

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0051_zpsve5suwdj.jpg

The score sheet. 😉

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0033_zpsxlcsgpdf.jpg

Well, my team did not win anything…but my friends’ team, won best dressed category and we all had a good laugh over that. It was indeed a fun time out with friends, and it is indeed nice to have a walk down the memory lane to the times my husband and I was still young and had loads of fun with each other on our dates.

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