I am not quite sure if I ought to use ‘Undignified’ as a title for this blog entry, but recently, I had a conversation with an ‘in’ and ‘popular’ blogger who is the direct opposite of me as she enjoys the spotlight and the glamour the blogging world have to offer. She enjoys the attention that the world gives her and she also would do anything she can to earn more from paid posts from her blog.

Now, this blogger is an acquaintance of mine, and she asked me how much do I make from my blog per month, in which I answered, not much as I do not socialize with advertisers/ advertising agencies for an opportunity for blog campaigns and whatnot.I told her, the money that I earned from paid posts is not even enough for me to buy myself a tub of Haagan Daaz ice cream. Most of my paid posts comes from oversea companies like Paid Per Post that pays peanuts.

You see… I’m a bit of a recluse and I can be very selective in selecting advertisements for my blog. I have no interest in being attached to local advertising companies like Nuffnang or Advertlets. I found that they are very restrictive in many ways and if I were to write posts for them, I will be forced to follow their rules and regulation. (International advertisers from US and UK emphasizes on honest feedbacks and reviews…local advertising companies on the other hand, does not exactly encourage negative or constructive reviews…so there… enough reason for me to not be attached to them!)

This blogger was aghast cuz she told me that she could make up to thousands in a month just through blogging and it is such a waste that I did not fully utilize my blog for advertising purposes. She was offering me tips on how I can fully utilize my blog. I was not interested, even though right at the moment, some extra cash could in my pocket could be handy.

Why was I not interested? Because she told me I could only earn more if I ‘localize’ my blog and just concentrate on blogging on my niche. I am not interested in localizing my blog. Why should I do that? I have more international readers than local readers-coming from book review sites and novel writing sites and whatnot. If I were to localize my blog, it would be a complete rubbish as my international readers couldn’t possibly understand the articles!

I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I don’t feel comfortable to localize my blog by using improper English. I am who I am and you cannot change that. I will not, and will never change myself for the sake of others or for monetary benefits. I will only do that for myself whenever necessary. I want to be a better version of me. Not the other way around. I am a woman with principles, and I can’t exactly be bought.

I may write about sex tips and safe sex and whatnot, but that does not mean I am cheap. I don’t accept advertisements that encourage drinking liquor or advertisements that’s religiously offensive in nature and I hope everyone would respect that.

I may respond to my readers’ comments by using improper English or localized English, but that is only because I want them to feel welcomed in my blog  and be comfortable with me, not because I want to earn more money.

I do not wish to be restricted and I would like to go far. If I were to write, I would want to write something that is my own opinion. And I wouldn’t be very ecstatic in promoting or campaigning what I do not believe in or what I’m uncomfortable representing.

It is no secret that I do accept paid posts and earning from my blog… but if you’re telling me to go backwards or imitating others just to earn money, then no thank you. I’m not interested. I am not that undignified. I am sure most bloggers who utilize their blogs to generate revenues have their own principles as well, and their principles too, ought to be respected.

Cleffairy: Why bother imitating others and be a pirated version of someone else while you can be original version of yourself? And why succumb to peer pressure or rat race when you can stand out just by being uniquely you?


  1. suituapui says:

    To each his own… I don’t make a sen from mine so I’m my own master and not a slave, can stop any day. Some force themselves to go on…even though it has become such a drag and nobody reads or comments…just because they want the money.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I admit, I need the money, especially now when my husband started to study again. Extra cash would be very handy. And next year would be my turn to continue study, but I dun think I am THAT desperate as to do what I’m not comfortable doing just so that I could earn more money. Tsk… some people call me uptight and selective cuz I refused to localize my blog and completely utilizing it… but I think everyone shud respect others, no? I dun post non-halal stuff or encourage drinking liquor. I think that does not harm anyone… plus, I dun disturb people and minded my own business, and they shud do the same. If I want advice, I will ask for it. I don’t appreciate people acting smart and tell me what I shud do.

  2. cheeyee says:

    The blog is like our baby, we nurture it, make it grow. we decide how we want it to be. So why bother about how others want to do with their blog?

    • Cleffairy says:

      >.< Terasa for wud... what's applicable to me, does not mean it's applicable to u ma. Localizing language works for u and ur readers, but it duzzin work for mine.

  3. claire says:

    Not sure what is localized blog.. i also like to hantam saja..but when it comes to paid post, cannot use manglish la… hahaha… as for me, my blog.. i do what I like.. mine is rojak blog..apa pun ada… that is why no advertisers write direct to me.. i have to go and apply from them.. so leceh!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Oh, localized means u got to attend events and be active in those campaign and do coverage for them… means that lo. And localize oso means u got to use rojak language la… I dun do that ma. I dun feel so comfy in glamourous events and I dun feel comfy writing in rojak oso… not interested oso.

      Yes, yes… it’s ur blog, so must do what you like to do, cannot follow people’s style ma. And advertisers oso must respect our decisions if we reject them… like I know u dun do gambling posts…. same wif me… only i dun accept liquor campaign posts.

  4. Jeremin says:

    *thumb up*

    This is your blog. Just follow your heart. Write what you wish to write.

    Anyway I am one of your International reader who really appreicate your entries and words. Your blog did inspired me to write better proper English.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…sometimes it is hard when people expect you to comply with others and succumb to peer pressure. 🙁

      Anyway, I’m glad that, somehow, someway, my writing inspired you. I dunno how I managed to do that, tho. LOL. 😀

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