Ushering the Goat Year 2015 with XES

I’m a huge fan of fairy tale. I may be a grown up now and have a child of my own, but I still haven’t stopped reading or watching movies that’s inspired from fairy tales. There’s a few all time favourite that I would watch or read over and over again. Those that tops the list would have to be Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty&The Beast and The Little Mermaid.

Sometimes it’s not much for the stories. Most of the time is because I feel amazed of the details written in those stories. The writers in the olden days does have flair for writing. The descriptions that they used is simply fascinating to the point that you fantasize about the things that you read.

As a child, I fantasized a lot, especially the things that the prince or princesses wear in the stories. I imagined being all beautiful and wearing Cinderella’s glass slippers…and sometimes, the object of my day dreaming would be Dorothy’s magic shoes that could take me to a faraway land full of adventure and magic.

Yes, I was pretty much a daydreamer. Still is, as a grown up. πŸ™‚ I still caught myself daydreaming every now and then. The only difference then and now is that as a grown up, I have the means to make my fantasy a reality.

I don’t have to just imagine some beautiful glass slipper or a pair of magical red shoes. I just have to head over to a store and buy them. πŸ˜›

Speaking of buying shoes, I have a few favourite.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423766421679_zpsyynp1t3i.jpg

My current favourite have to be shoes by XES. XES has more than 90 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes including Jusco, Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and various celebrated malls. The core business operations revolve around retail chain store management as well as local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are led by a seasoned top management, marketing, merchandising, accounts, logistics, operation, IT, HR and Research and Development department of more than 500 personnel in total. With the efforts and strength of a good team work, employees work together to place the XES brand in a competitive level within the shoe-manufacturing industry.

The XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use. It continues to generate collections after collections of ladies’, men’s and children’s shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. There are 2 different shoe concepts developed by XES. XES Studio caters to the lower-medium income group whereas XES Premium provides for the medium-high income demographic. Different shoe concept caters to varying circumstances which include but not limited to casual, semi-casual, formal and sports under the house brands of XES. XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Lee Cooper, Winnie ThePooh and Disney, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann.

Was recently invited to their Chinese New Year Luncheon and boy was I spoiled for shoe choices… And the activities during the event made me feel like Cinderella herself too. Here’s a little throwback during the Chinese New Year’s luncheon with XES.

 photo IMG_20150213_011445_zps2tkewvtk.jpg

The luncheon kicks off with the appearance of God of Wealth and his accompanying fairy.(Locally known as Cai Shen Yeh). It is the Chinese God of prosperity worshipped in the Chinese indigenous religion and Taoism. πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_104322860520747_zpsqri8dw8h.jpeg

Cai Shen Yeh and the fairies, gracing their presence in XES outlet that day. πŸ™‚

 photo PhotoGrid_1423764557644_zps5l9uww4g.jpg

Angpows from both XES and the sponsor Fitness First were distributed and tossing Yee Sang was made to invite good luck and prosperity for the upcoming Goat year. πŸ™‚

If you think the fun ended there, then you are wrong. It was just the beginning. Bloggers, social media influencers and media alike were treated to a full makeover by Sense and Style Beauty Academy and a photoshoot in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration.

 photo IMG_20150211_125149_zpsngo86z7k.jpg

Sense And Style Beauty Academy was responsible to make us all look prettier that day. We were also shown how to style our hair elegantly ourselves in the comfort of our own home for the upcoming festive season.

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I was having Star Wars fever and has been marathon-ing the saga prior to the Chinese New Year luncheon with XES, so I was terribly tempted to tell my stylist from dating for herpes to style my hair into the classic Princess Leia’s twin bun, but I thought I would look rather silly walking around in that hairstyle, so I settled for the elegantly elaborated princess chignon for my photoshoot with XES instead. So was I happy with it? Definitely. Was very pleased with the hairstyle. πŸ™‚ This hairstyle takes one rubber band and 33 hairpins to be held together. Kinda complicated and not exactly something I could accomplish on my own.

The team of hairstylists and makeup artists.

It was truly an eventful day. I really did feel like a fairy tale princess with all the spoiling and pampering by organizer and sponsors.

Feel abit wistful that you can’t join in the fun? No fret. XES have some good news to share with you. πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_20150211_122912_1_zpsftp3r51j.jpg

Here’s presenting to you the lovely emcee of the day, Ms. Sabrina; announcing that XES will be organizing a ‘Be Stylish With XES’ Facebook contest where you can bring back some cash prizes and shoe supplies enough to last you for more than a year. The contest will be ongoing from 17th February-17th March 2015. The winner will walk away with RM888.00 cash, RM1,388 worth of products and RM1,888 worth of products to be given away to the lucky 10 fans of their choice as a reward gift for the support.

Be Stylish With XES Facebook Contest:

Step 1- LIKE XES Shoes Facebook
Step 2 – Tag your photo to your friends and family members
Step 3 – Get your friends to VOTE your photos by clicking LIKE (from 17th Feb 2015- 17th March 2015)

The winner with most Likes will be contacted via phone or email and will be officially announced and presented the prize in March 2015 in conjunction with XES Signature Exclusive Preview.

Sounds great, no? So start being stylish with XES now. πŸ˜‰

 photo IMG_17396337879558_zpskmlvfyev.jpeg

Here’s one for the album and have a wonderful Goat Year ahead.


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