The Best of Comfort Food with Foodpanda

I like working out. My choice of workout? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and dancing. Cardio dance to be exact. I’m no way a pro or qualified to call myself a gym junkie but working out makes me feel happy,relaxed and accomplished. However, there are times when days are simply tough where I feel kinda down and all I want to do is just slump myself on the couch, turn on Netflix and binge on my favourite series and movies all day long while gobbling down some comfort food. Food has always made me feel that eveything will be all right again, regardless of how bad the situation is.

I know this isn’t the healthiest way to de-stress, but hey,it’s nothing but a rat race and a dog eat dog world out there. I’m definitely entitled to wallow every now and then and indulge in some healing on my old faithful couch, don’t you think? I’m sure I’m not alone some of you sought comfort in food as well every now and then. I bet you even have your very own list of comfort food too. Anyway, speaking of comfort food, one of my all time favourite comfort food is pizzas. I have plenty of favourite pizzerias on my special foodie list, but if I’m binging on Netflix at home, pizza hut definitely tops the list.

Why Pizza Hut? Well, I like their thick, crusty pan pizzas that comes loaded generously with toppings and gooey cheese. Pizzas makes perfect comfort food in my opinion as they are simply filling and easy to eat at just about anywhere.

Below are some of my all time favourite pizzas from Pizza Hut:

Super Supreme Pan Pizza. I’ll usually order this whenever I want to indulge in comfort food but still want to include some veggies in it. Yes. It’s guilt speaking. My consciences sometimes calls for greens in my meals. The Super Supreme Pan Pizza comes loaded with meatloaf slices, pepperoni toppings alongside with black olives, button mushrooms, onions, pineapple chunks and bell peppers.

Triple Chicken Pizzas is my all time favourite whenever I’m feeling like a bit of a carnivore or when I’m chasing deadlines. Topped with plenty of chicken meatloaf, sausages, onions and muhrooms, the Triple Chicken Pizza practically fuel me up throughout those long working nights burning the midnight oil.

Hawaiian Supreme is something I’d order when I can’t decide having something sweet or something savoury. Topped generously with succulent chicken chunks and sweet pineapple slices,the Hawaiian supreme provides the best of both worlds. It’s sweet and savoury at the same time.

I used to call up Pizza Hut to deliver my pizzas but these days I don’t do that anymore.I hate talking on the phone to strangers, and there’s no exception when I needed to order food delivery. These days I simply use Foodpanda service instead. All I need to do is hop over to Foodpanda site via pc or mobile, login into my Foodpanda account, place and order and simply wait for them to deliver my food right to my doorsteps. Foodpanda services is really fast and they have yet to disappoint me. Orders are delivered swiftly and on timely manners. The best part? Sometimes Foodpanda offers discount coupons to be used during checkout. Value for your money. A bonus, definitely. Who wouldn’t like price cuts? I surely do.

If you have yet to check them out, I suggest you to hop over and take a look at the Foodpanda website. They not only have Pizza Hut delivery service listed on their website, but plenty other eateries and F&B establishment to choose from for your gastronomic pleasure. Now, what are you waiting for? Check them out and order away.

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