Words of wisdom for the teachers…

Disclaimer: 18SX stuff. Contains nudity. Minors, kindly navigate away.

Never ever offend your students. You may never know what they will grow up to be.

1. They might be an author like me, who takes revenge through writing by torturing them and killing them slow and bloody in her novels.

2. They might be a robber, and they could kill you and your entire family.

3. They might be some HR officer, and they might not let your kids get any job in their company.

4. They might be a Deejay, and they might make fun of you in their morning or night talk show.

5. They might be…worst…a graphic designer or a photographer… who would turn your family picture into something like this via photo editing softwares.

Cleffairy: God have mercy on every teacher’s soul!


      • kathy says:

        ingatkan they were your teachers..ish ish ish…wouldn’t wanna be your enemy..mana tau suddenly photo become naked online or kena kill in your books..hmm…comes to think of it..kena kill is not that bad…if kena turn into some horrible monster or what lagi teruk….kakakakaka

  1. clarie says:

    gosh..where did u get this from??? looks like a warlord with 2 wives and their kids.. u did the photoshop? now i dare not put my family pic up in my blog.. :p

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