Letters to Juliet

Cleffairy needs a little bit of a breather, and so, nothing serious from me today, folks. But instead, I want to share a movie trailer with all of you. I’ve watched this trailer more than 10 times, and definitely anticipating this summer romance movie, starring Amanda Seyfield. Yes, she’s the same actress who played Sophie in Mama Mia.

Letters to Juliet will be in Cinema in May 2010. So don’t go around looking for the movie just yet.

Letters to Juliet is about a young American, Sophie who travels to Verona, Italy – the city of love and home of star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet. There, she meets a group of volunteers who responds to letters written to Juliet seeking advice about love. After answering one lost, 50-year-old letter, she inspires its author to travel to Italy and embark on a journey to search for her long-lost love.

This sets off a chain of events that brings a love into both their lives unlike anything they ever imagined, and gives Sophie the courage to discover herself and follow her heart.

I was really impressed with the trailer, though I felt that they revealed too much in the trailer and the trailer itself tells the entire story. However,being a hopeless romantic with a mush for brain, I anticipate this movie nevertheless. Have a look at the trailer while I goes *poof* and starts writing on my script again for Script Frenzy 2010.

Cleffairy: Some movies will inspire you, while a great others will bore you. This one definitely inspire me. It tells me to appreciate what I have around me and live life to the fullest. It also taught me how important it is to do what your heart tells you to do.


  1. manglish says:

    hhahahhahhah….i rememeber sophie….she was the girl from “scary movie 2” or something who said she felt that she was a psychic or something bcs her boobs could predict when it was going to rain leh u remember? AHAAHAHHAAHAHAH I am sure it’s the same person hahahah

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