2010 wishlist

These are some of my 2010 wishlist:

1. Peace for the world ( yeah, right, I’m not the noble, but I sure would like some peace in my own little world!)

2. A new desktop.

3. Go to a beach. I practically grow up near a beach. It was just nearby home back then, and the closest thing that i got to a beach here in my house now is just the damn gutter!

4. Collect 1001 seashells from 3 different beaches.

5. Go horseback riding again, like I used to. I missed horses so much, and the adrenaline rush when riding a horse.

6. Go arching again, like I used to when I was a child.

7. Play chess with my daddy. I missed playing chess so much. It’s been a while since I had a good match. For what it’s worth, only he can give me a good challenge.

8. Go bowling to de-stress. I used to be a very good bowler, why the hell I just stick around at home now is beyond me!

9. Visit 3 places in Malaysia (cuz I’m too broke to go elsewhere in the world at the moment)- Malacca, Langkawi Port. Dickson. (these 3 places got beaches)

10. Go back to Sungai Petani, and visit Bujang Valley and make a documentary about it. It’s been some time since I documented something good.

Cleffairy: Having writing withdrawal… must start writing novel again. LOL… else I’ll torture all of you with my nonsensical ramblings!


  1. manglish says:

    hahahahahaha…..lacking in inspirations/materials to write? start talking to all ur frens and you will have a new novel soon hehehhe…

    • tinder dating application says:

      On the contrary, manglish. My head is full of plot bunnies… which means… ideas overload. LOL… I tot of letting the ideas sit for awhile before I start a new novel, so that things could actually make sense.. but these characters are so impatient, driving me nuts. πŸ™

  2. Merryn says:

    Malacca. I’m from there. I’ll be there once a month πŸ˜€ World Peace? Dream on.. won’t happen.

    Since we can’t go to the beach.. let the ‘bitching’ come to us! lol πŸ˜€

    • tinder dating application says:

      All so far… sien ahhh… the closest to me is Port Dickson… there oso can’t go… hubby owez busy. Pokai oso… no mood nia. πŸ™ Back then so nice… live near the beach. After school nia I straight go and play at the beach, now cannot liao. Sien! Hutan batu oni around me! Argh… tension, tension…

  3. Gratitude says:

    Peace for the world may sound far-fetched for many people, but I feel every lil’ prayer counts as good vibes are spread. You have some great to-dos there; i like the horseback riding best coz that’s what i wanna do too. πŸ™‚

    Btw, thank you so much for sharing with me. Your long reply did make lots of sense. I’m glad you are doing fine. πŸ™‚

    Meantime, stay cool, stay sweet ya! ^_^

    • tinder dating application says:

      LOL… I dun think we can have peace in the world as long as we dun put our differences aside, and live in harmony with each other. πŸ™

      AHahaha… they’re not really to dos but things that I wish I can do. I can’t do all those above at the moment. Talk about commitment. They are just a bunch of bitch.

      Oh… you’ve read the reply? LOL…thanks for reading it. Ahaha… no kidding wan… last year, God did fly out of the window and went to Africa or something. But as things happens, and I got to know some bloggers, they made me realized that God is around, just keeping mum while knocking my thick skull. Ahahaha

      Stay cool, no problem. Sweet? OMG… why the hell you ask me to stay sweet. LOL…I’m lethal when I’m sweet. LOL…

    • tinder dating application says:

      Haiyorr…. actually, it sounds practical, but actually it is not. LOL… I can’t foresee doing any of it in the near future. Life is just a bitch to me. Argh. Even playing chess with daddy is not practical, cuz he’s living so far away from me, and not to mention that he kinda got sick playing chess with me, cuz I keep ask him to play with me again and again! LOL…

  4. claire says:

    cleffairy, i can only comment when i m home.. so here i m ..
    your wishes are very humble, girl.. most of them could be achieved.. and i hope u will one day.. esp the Malacca, PD and Langkawi or Penang.. i really hope u can achieve all !!
    God bless u…

    • tinder dating application says:

      lol… Claire… how are you feeling? Better now? Malacca, PD, Langkawi or Penang kinda a bit impossible for now, cuz I’m stuck in KL. The closest I can get is Lumut, but even then, I doubt I’d be enjoying myself there. Cuz i’ll probably be just be able to gawk at the signboard, and not go there.(dun ask me questions, I wun bitch about it)

  5. Cynthia says:

    oh.. when we can go bowling together ah? I used to bowl too.. now? haiz… and the wishlist.. NICE! and wishing you your wish come true ya (no doubt the first one bit difficult la)

  6. CHVoon says:

    I think all your wish will come truth! It is all under your control right?
    Just need to arrange your time properly and spend some money will do!
    But, I found that some of your wishÒ€¦ need patience to do so.
    As for me, my wish list never come truthÒ€¦. Will rm20 million lottery! πŸ™

    • tinder dating application says:

      Under my control? Not sure bout that… lol… if not, those above wun be called wishlist, but to do list. Ahahahaha.

      Only one needs patience… I think… the 1001 seashells from 3 beaches.

      You wanna win jackpot ah? Haiyorr… u kena saman easier than hit jackpot lah. LMAOOOOOOOOoooo!

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