Looking back…

I don’t think I can keep this short, but since I doubt most of you will be reading this anyway, I’ll just write as I pleased. 2011 was fairly an okay year. Yeah… just an okay year. Not great, not too bad, just okay. Why just okay? Well, the year didn’t start off really great, and I didn’t do much thing that I can be proud of this year. I’ve been rather lazy, uninspired, unproductive and I think I deserve a huge kick in the butt for it. I hope 2012 will be a better year.

January- The year kicked off with plenty of unpleasant things. Misunderstandings, miscommunication as well as some blame game. Plenty to learn in January, especially about people who loves to play pretend and is hypocrite in nature.

February- As usual, there’s nothing special in February, except for time and money wasted on many unnecessary things. What’s to like in February 2011 anyway? If I had it my way, I would have screamed in frustration because I had to do so many things that I hardly can tolerate. This is the month where I wish certain people in my life dead… I don’t care how they die… as long as they DIE and gets out of my hair!

March- *YAWN* Nothing special again, and I was kinda stressed up during that time of the year that I missed my period. I suppose I am not really people person. Whenever people that I dislike keep on stepping on my tail… I get all stressed up.

April- Had a pregnancy scare-because I wasn’t ready to be a new mother all over again. Now, that’s something new. Suffered the scare in silence all alone until I couldn’t take it anymore and blahs it out to my girl-friends. Went to the pharmacy to get a home pregnancy test-kit. It turns out that I was not pregnant and just had an irregular cycle because I was extremely stressed. I was relieved with the result, but couldn’t help but feel wistful, for I think a sweet baby girl would make a wonderful addition to my little family. (But it’s okay. I wasn’t ready, and it’s not meant to be.)

May- Plenty of overwhelming things happened in May. Bad things happens in May. I discovered that I’m quite a gullible person and easily manipulated by manipulative and unscrupulous people who had no conscience whatsoever.  I also discovered that you can never trust people who pretends to be pitiful because in truth, they never are pitiful and they just do that to use you for their own benefit. But things also started to get better in May despite of the series of unfortunate events that I was forced to endure. I had plenty of adventures and misadventures with my loved ones and I also decided to swear off every single salon and massaging parlour on the face of the universe. (Long story, I don’t want to talk about it) Overall, May is quite an exciting month, and I started to feel more relaxed with my environment and learn how to manage my constantly elevating stress.

June- June was filled with romance. I discovered my husband’s cheeky and naughty side and and I don’t suppose that it’s appropriate for me to write about our rendezvous over here. It’s X-rated. Trust me. You wouldn’t want to hear any of it.

July- The most romantic and memorable month of the year. Went to many places and had a lot of fun in July. July was a fairly stress-free month. There’s some bumps along the way, but it was still a very good month. Very busy month. Schedule was tight, but it’s the good kind of busy. I started to swim regularly and drag my boy along with me too. It’s nice to know that my son and I shared the same enjoyments towards water.

August-  August was an okay month too. And I had a really great time by the end of the month with family and friends. Lotsa great time, and lotsa food too.

September- Lots of love in September. Received the very first birthday present from my husband ever, but I was taken aback with certain things, and I feel fairly confused throughout the entire month. Luckily for me though, my husband was there to give me moral support. He was my pillar of support and I would have broken down without him.

October- Succumbed to an emotional break down and decided to build a huge wall around myself again and pulled a disappearance act by mid-October. Why? Because I was disappointed in myself for being too trusting, and I did not feel like I want to face the world just yet. I couldn’t really forgive myself for being cheated and manipulated over and over again, by the same person nevertheless. I also discovered that some friends are not forever, and no matter how good they are, you must not give yourself or trust them 100% as you’ll never know when they will team up with your enemy to stab you from behind. Again, I sought solace in the arms of my husband and I’m eternally grateful that he acted like the hero of my dreams. He was oblivious towards many things that I was facing, but little did he know that he made me feel that it’s almost okay to face the devastating world, as long as he’s by my side.

November- My family and I was ill throughout the entire month, and was really disappointed that I didn’t manage to hit my personal target in November. Lost momentum in so many things and feel extremely uninspired.Well, it can’t be helped since my body went against me. 🙁 A very bad month for my projects and an extremely bad month for business too, especially my husband’s. Wished I could do more to help him out, but all I could do was support him and just be there for him, just like he did for me during the previous month.

December- Just so glad that despite of the many problems that I’m facing, my husband remains understanding and supportive of me and dealt with various issues in a more mature manner than before. 😀 Quite an improvement and I feel blessed for that. December is also a month for me to reflect and thank God for the wonderful friends who constantly keep me in their thoughts as well.

Cleffairy: I had a quite okay year. How about you? Was it an okay year for you too, or was it horrendous for you?



    • http://cleffairy.com/dating-someone-who-has-hsv-2/ says:

      Hahaha… next year would be 10 years anniversary that we’ve been together. Past 9 years, I told him tak payah beli anything for me because all I wanted was pig out. LOL! But this year tak mau makan… because so many people sumbat me makan liao. Oh, not the smartphone. He bought me a tablet… you know, the ipad thingie… and I’m still garu-ing my head on how to use the thing properly. =.=

  1. small Kucing says:

    Talking about me ka? alamak..ter-makan cili ni kekekeke..

    anyway…let’s forget about the bad things and go baham kao-kao…

    After CNY we go Satay kajang to baham SATAY ARNAB ok…bad bad naughty rabbit.

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