Hello 2012

Happy new year, folks.It’s the first day of the year. Time sure fly really fast, huh? It seems only yesterday that I just wished everyone a very happy 2011, and it’s now 2012 already. I have no doubt that soon enough, I’ll be wishing everyone a happy 2013 (if I’m still alive and kicking that is).

1st Jan 2012 is the day https://cleffairy.com turns 2 years old, and it’s been 4 years since I started blogging. I never made a point to celebrate my blog anniversaries because I never felt like a blogger, but just someone who like to write her opinion and the things that’s going on in her life. But then again, I owed it to my blog that I’m blessed with so many wonderful friends. So… yeah… happy birthday to cleffairy.com.

I ended my 2011 with a good closure. I had wonderful dinner with my loved ones during new year eve and I even gave an autograph for 2 of my novels during the dinner… so I guess it was a good way to say goodbye to 2011. I hope to have a good start for 2012, and I hope the year 2012 will bring all good things to your doorsteps. Happy new year to all of you, and may God bless you all abundantly

Cleffairy: I don’t have any big resolution this year. All I want is just live for the present and have a fulfilled life, that’s all.




  1. ChampDog says:

    Good enough that can focus at the present. I used to have this problem in the past that can’t focus at present, keep focusing on the things that I have done wrong or I could have done better in the past.

    Happy new year! Btw, why 2012 is bigger than 2011? lol

    • Cleffairy says:

      It will be tiring if I keep looking back at the past and planning for the future…I’m tired of that. I just wanna live one day at a time…and enjoy the present.

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