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There is a drawback to being a traveler, especially if you are the kind who prefers to travel backpacking style or prefers to travel light whenever you hit the road; you can’t bring too many things with you.

Traveling light means you have to reduce your clothing and keep everything to bare essentials. Indirectly speaking, you would have to sacrifice vanity and go for comfort instead. No fancy dresses or loads of bulky clothing in the travel bag, that’s for sure.

Problems? It is not much a problem for most hardcore travelers, but I’m terribly vain. I like looking good, especially in all my travel photos, so I kinda cheat a lil bit by bringing accessories like scarves, sunglasses and those travel kit sized skincare products and make-up so that I can accessorize and look attractive whenever I travel. You’ll never know who you will meet whenever you travel, and I always believe that style should never go flying when you travel.
I’ve been quite taken to bringing my scarves and sunglasses along to make myself look different with just a pair outfit, but recently, I’ve discovered that there is one more trick that I can use to make myself look good without much effort; which is by using contact lenses. Not any ordinary contact lenses, mind you, but those colored contact lenses that is catered to make you look especially exotic.

However, there are not much colored contact lenses out there that make your eyes look naturally beautiful. Some cosmetic contact lenses may give you striking eye colors or exotic eyes, but they can look rather alien and terribly fake, and worst, some is not very comfortable to wear too.
But lucky me. I was recently introduced to the FreshLook ColorBlends and Dailies Illuminate range of contact lenses by Ciba Vision, which is currently known as Alcon Vision Care.

 photo IMG_20141026_151624_zpsgwibop1q.jpg

I’ve been using both Alcon’s FreshLook ColorBlends and Alcon’s FreshLook Dailies Illuminate contact lenses, but for now, let me talk about my favourite; the FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses.

 photo IMG_20141109_120248_zpssxvsddwm.jpg

It is available in 12 colours:

1. Grey
2. Amethyst
3. Brown
4. Blue
5. Green
6. Honey
7. Pure Hazel
8. True Sapphire
9. Turquoise
10. Brilliant Blue
11. Gemstone Green
12. Sterling Grey

Freshlook ColorBlends are catered for both who needs prescription and those who does not need vision correction. This means that if you needs prescription for your contact lenses, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to use Freshlook ColorBlends as oppose those contact lenses that is just purely for cosmetic use.

The 12 varieties of Freshlook ColorBlends contact lenses is quite promising, I assure you. It is known to be the world’s bestselling contact lenses that contain 3-in-1 Colour Technology which blends three colours into one to create the most natural eye colour change for a beautiful and attractive look.

 photo IMG_20141203_194256_zpsh2qlbygi.jpg

I’ve given it a try, and I’m happy to say that I’m in love with Freshlook ColorBlends contact lenses.

 photo IMG_20141109_122012_zpsqan1uoxx.jpg

This is my eyes without Freshlook ColourBlends

 photo IMG_20141109_122544_zps4nouvwfo.jpg

While this is the picture of my eyes with the Freshlook ColorBlends contact lenses on. I tried the grey colour contact lenses on. See the difference? My eyes looks more attractive now. With Freshlook ColorBlends contact lenses on, there is subtle changes in eye colour.

 photo C360_2014-12-02-21-01-54-426_zpslfhkkl9e.jpg

My eyes are now lighter in colour, with larger pupil hole with a much more prominent limbal ring. 🙂

Someone commented that I look sweeter and younger when I used Freshlook ColorBlends contact lenses and that definitely made my day. 🙂 What I really like about Freshlook ColourBlends contact lenses is that it changes my eye colour without making my eyes looks unnaturally strange.

Unlike other cosmetic contact lenses, Freshlook ColorBlends gives my eyes subtle changes in colour and makes me look beautifully classy and sophisticated instead. I used to be a non believer of cosmetic contact lenses as I think they merely make my eyes looks strikingly weird and can be drying on the eyes hence makes it really uncomfortable when I am wearing them but I change my mind about that after trying out Freshlook ColorBlends.

Freshlook ColorBlends not only make me look younger and naturally beautiful, but it is a comfort to wear too. I’ve worn these contact lenses up to 10 hours straight while I was traveling a few days ago, and it doesn’t even makes my eyes feel itchy or dry in comparison to the previous contact lenses that I have been using. It is surprising cuz usually my eyes will itch after a maximum 8 hours of contact lenses on. My eyes does not feel dry and remained moisturized too and on top of that, throughout the time that I had the Freshlook ColorBlends on, the lenses have a firm grip on my eyes and the lenses did not occasionally move away from my cornea and I did not really have to rub it back in place in comparison to my regular contact lenses. It was a perfect fit for me.

Although I don’t encourage more than 10 hours contact lenses usage, I can vouch for Alcon’s FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses’ level of comfort on long hours usage. Highly recommended for those who are looking for both beauty and comfort.
Alcon’s FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses can be obtained from major optometrist outlets at a retail price of RM84 per box.

As the world leader in eye care, and the second largest division of the Novartis Group, Alcon Vision Care is committed to advancing innovation and addressing unmet patient needs for patients around the world.

Have questions and concerns? Well, you can directly contact Alcon at this number: +603- 7880 0650.



  1. Ciana says:

    Nice set of beautiful eyes, cleffairy! =P

    I usually hate to travel because of the amount of things that I have to shove into the luggage but in those odd times that I do, I usually bring the comfortable yet classy apparels. Speaking of contact lenses, I can’t go anywhere with them… am practically blind without ’em, lol.

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