And the blessings keep pouring in…

This is another of those short entry. Yes… you guys are lost and somehow landed in Disneyland. Run for your life. LOL…

The blessings keep pouring in. Hopefully this is a sign from up above that the year ahead is full of His promise of blessings.

I received these stuff last night…Baby’s full moon box from my friend, consisting the traditional glutinous rice, angku kuih, red eggs, pickled ginger, chicken curry as well as the modern fruit tarts.

I received two boxes of the thing, no less. *sigh* I wonder if people are starting to feed me like STP? LOL…no, I’m not complaining. I just feel blessed. 😀

Let’s play spot the difference…below is picture number 1…

And then comes the picture number 2

Can you spot the difference?Okay, that’s lame. I think it’s obvious what’s the differences are. Ahaha.

Cleffairy: Hopefully the baby is not the consequences of reading too much of my Pillow Talk… *shudder*

Ps: I give you thanks, O Almighty God, for your blessings… One who lives and reigns in a world without end.


  1. suituapui says:

    Aiyor…Poslaju guy just called and I’m not at home in Sibu. FINALLY…somebody sent me something and I won’t be able to collect till the office reopens after the long hols on Wednesday. Wonder who’s so nice to send me something…AT LAST!!!

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