Angry Birds Angpow


I don’t like Chinese New year, and I usually avoid doing things that’s related to it, but ever since I got to know so many mummies with kids through blog-o-sphere, I suppose I can say I look forward to give angpows to the kids. They are just so adorable and appreciative and I find them easier to deal with than adults. Their ‘Gong xi fa cai’ and ‘Thank you aunty’ melts my heart.

This year, I spotted some cute Angry Birds angpow packets while I was shopping for Chinese new year stuff, and I was completely in love with it. It’s so cute and I couldn’t help myself and bought a few packets for me to use. I wonder if the kids will like it? I surely do and my son loves it too.

Cleffairy: It was an angry, angry Chinese new year! Welcome to the year of the raging dragon!



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