Help Me. I am lost. Find me. I want to go home.

Those who are not pet owners could never understand how it feels like to loose a pet, but I do, because I am a pet owner as well. I own a cat, and the cat is always a part of my family rather than just a house pet, and I would be completely devastated and distraught if I were to loose my cat, because she means so much to me.

I saw this missing dog ad, and I’d like to pass the message around, cuz I understand how it feels like to wait for a missing pet to come home. 🙁

Wolfgang is a 7 years old Siberian Husky, and he was believed to have ran away from home at about 10.30pm on 23rd March 2010. He was last seen at 3TwoSquare some time at night about 2-3am by the hardworking guard – whom managed to video a picture of Wolfgang slurping down water that the guard passed him.

If you happen to come across a black and nicely built Siberian Husky, do not be afraid of him. His looks are deceiving because he is as gentle as a mice and will not harm anybody at all. Just try to grab on to him and call

Samantha at 016-2180080.

His profile:

Name: Wolfgang

Age: 7 years old

Built: Large

Colour: Black and white

Eye colour: Dark brown

Distinctive feature: A tiny white dot in his left eye.

Collar: Red collar with black lining, with paw prints all around

He was last seen by the guards with wounds near his eye area probably caused by fights. Please be gentle to him!

Please help pass the message along. The owner is worried sick for Wolfgang.

Cleffairy: Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. Some animals are not just pets. They are a part of our family.


  1. claire says:

    poor wolfgang!!! i know how the owner feels.. i felt bad when i lost my jingle bell last year.. hope she finds him soon… u r so kind.. advertising for her!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes…. 🙁 poor Wolfgang. House dogs are very different from strays, and more often than not, they are usually harmed when they are outside. Surely the owner is worried. 🙁 I was worried too when I couldn’t find my Meow Meow after my house was burnt down last year. Thank God she waited for us and we found her 2 days after the incident.

      Who is Jingle Bell? Your dog? I hope Samantha will find Wolfgang soon as well. Nah…I just want to pass the words around. I would want people to help me as well if my Meow is lost or something. 😛

  2. eugene says:

    I can identify with the owner’s emo, i was once a pet owner too, i was moved to tears when my dog “miko” refused to eat, when the news of my father’s passing was passed to her, she would just hide herself under the coach and stayed there for like few hours,,,,,,man the feeling was hard,,and i pray that the owner of wolfgang will find the dog back,,,

    good job dear, a deed a day…………

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah… it’s like loosing a part of our family. Some people might not understand it. To most, animals are just animals, but for pet owners… the pets are a part of our family. 🙁 Sometimes, when the owner die or something, the pet also will miss us. 🙁

  3. fatty oldman says:

    i noe how it felt when pet got lost as seem like a part of family gone…

    u say its gentle mayb someone took it as pet alrdy coz it wont bite… :O

  4. Garfield says:

    Wolfgang lose in a fight, thats y it is going to shaolin and learn kungfu to fight again.
    after it win, the it will go home itself

    anyway, usually dogs will go home if they just run out from the house and go out for expedition. unless they were kidnapped.

    after a few days, they will go home themself, if the owner treat the dog well…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wahhh! Wolfgang wanna go train how to fight ah? LOL…yeah, usually pets will go home to their master if their master treats them well. But it’s kinda hard to say… cuz it’s a pet. So tame, so expensive breed… later get dognapped! 🙁

  5. Superman says:

    Sorry to hear that. Hope Samantha can find her husky soon. Can’t help much as too far away. Only can pray for her. Recently over here in Sibu also a lot of dogs went missing. I guess must be some gang kidnapped those dogs and sell it to other people for money. Really got to be careful.

  6. CHVoon says:

    i hope the owner can find it!

    i hope some of the blogger can find it too.

    but nowaday… if missing a dog ..quite difficuilt to find back… do you know why? but it is not good to say – if that place full of vietnam or combodia people… the dog mostly will inside the stomach liao. … any how i hope not!

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