Back from R&R

You read it right. I’m back from my vacation. It was not a hell of a vacation where I had a blast or anything, but as I said before, I really need a vacation… I need a break, need to breathe… especially after being put into hell’s fire, literally. And I get exactly just that, only it was not as exciting as I imagined it to be.

It was actually dreadfully boring and my husband can vouch for that (I could have sworn that I wanted to  commit suicide out of boredom during the vacation), but I’m not really complaining, because despite of the uneventful ‘vacation’ I managed to get the rest and peace I desperately needed-away from the madness that’s going on in my daily life that’s getting almost out of hand.

As the result of the vacation, Cleffairy is now more relaxed and easily contented, less tensed up, though no less fiery, unfortunately. ( Why do I have a funny feeling that I spoke too soon?)

Anyway, dear readers, I am not here to boast about the short vacation that I took. After all,  besides visiting a museum and some historical landmarks, all I did was pigged out on food and sleep like some stuffed python all day long, so you guys can stop imagining that my vacation was a sexy one. It was far from that, though I wish that in the future, I can have a smoking hot vacation with my other half in some exotic island or something.

Returning home from this short break after so many years living my life as a madwoman, I realized one important thing that I wanted to share with all of you. We’re all actually living in a cuckoo world. Our daily lives are actually crazy and time seems to slipped away as we blink and proceed our daily lives by doing mundane daily chores. Admit it… our lives are actually boring and routine. For most, it’s living a  9-5 job plus extra chores and wailing children waiting to be fed at home. Some lucky others may have more interesting life, but for most, I think their life is quite repetitive, isn’t it?

Well, things work that way for me, at least. My life throughout the year is fairly repetitive… I do the same thing over and over again every day that sometimes, I feel like I wanted to scream with dissatisfaction. I was once a very spirited and carefree person, you see, but now I  lead a life that is so routine that if I actually write a diary faithfully,there will be the same entry on every damn page. The only difference in my diary would just be the dates. One can only imagine how trapped I feel most of the time.

As I flew back to KL after a short vacation, I realized that every now and then, everyone deserves a quiet, quality time either alone, or with loved ones. No matter how busy we are trying to make a living and do our part so that the Earth revolves around the sun, we are only human after all.

Every now and then, we’re like our precious handphones. Our battery simply gets depleted and needs to be recharged. At some point in our lives, we may feel that we’re simply like a set of handphone with depleted battery. We simply feel dead and no matter how hard we try, we can’t boot up.

We’ll feel that we needed to get away for whatever troubles that’s bothering us. We need a break.  Trust me, we all do. I’m not the kind of people who takes vacation on whims, but I  have reached the point where I feel that my ‘battery’ was depleted, and my heart simply scream for an escape from my not so pretty environment.

A lot of people will say that it’s best facing your problems and solve it instead of running away from them, but mind you, taking a short break so that you can clear your head to ensure you’ll be able to make the right decisions later on is not running away from your problem. Taking a short weekend breakaway so that you can feel less tense about your work or marital problems is not wrong too. It is important to ‘recharge’ yourself every now and then, no matter what obnoxious people out there say.

Though our life is more meaningful when we live for others, but we are important too. Life is too short, so every now and then, unwind and try to smell the roses, because, for what is worth, you are precious, and deserve solitude away from the rest of the crazy world sometimes. You may feel surprised on how refreshed you feel after taking a short break. Trust me on this.

Cleffairy: Go ahead…have a vacation… get some rest, take a break, have a Kit Kat! LOL.


  1. says:

    Cleffairy, once we dont expect much out of life, it will not be as bad as we think it is… yes, do go for a breakaway whenever possible… change of scene and atmosphere…it is like in another part of the world..
    i just posted about mine earlier… dread going to work.. not looking forward to it at all.. but after some deep thoughts, why must i torture myself this way.. comparing with some others, i m thankful with what i m now…but of course, if only my other half is here with me, it will be more than perfect!

  2. BlurryLeo says:

    It’s always great to take short vacation breaks, be it near or far. Most important thing is to leave work days behind, relax and have fun. Lower down the expectation and you might be greeted with a surprise 🙂 Chill and have a great day.

  3. chrisau says:

    I do have these thoughts…. week in week seems the same. Last sunday is like this sun and etc. It seems like deja-vu sometimes, I thought I have been there on a fri or sun. Anyway, most of us caught in the rat race and unless you strike a lottery or something, that’s life for us. Thus, good to have a short break (and really a break…. not a rush here and there vacation) and ‘tiny breaks’ during the day like going for a sports games, movie, reads or etc.

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