Cuckoo Delivery

I was napping away when I was rudely awaken from my slumber with the ringing of the doorbells. I was rather irritated, and anxious, because I never once had guests visit me unannounced or without informing me beforehand. I contemplated to ignore the doorbell, but the continuous ringing irritates the hell out of me, so I made my way to the door, only to be greeted by a guy from a courier company.

“Are you Cleffairy?” he asked in a rather strange voice.

And I dumbly nod, and told him almost absent- mindedly that I am indeed Cleffairy. I began to wonder if this is real, because nobody knows how Cleffairy actually looks like, and where she lives. I started to think that this is another one of my weird nightmares, and I was actually prepared to see the delivery guy to transform into those monsters that Power Rangers fought. I was expecting Queen Rita to go “Make my monster grow” on me and the monster will be blown up into a full scale mad godzilla, ready to flatten me.

Then this feller asked me to sign a piece of paper, and handed me a package, while muttering something that sounded pretty much like “Weird name”.

I was flabbergasted of course, cuz it’s not a dream after all, and I don’t get to kick some monster’s ass. But as soon as I saw the package, I immediately knew the culprit who sent it to me, and I cracked up instantly, remembering that someone does intend to send me something. Something kinky, actually. Or rather, I had coerce that particular someone to send me the kinky thing. I had somehow forgotten about it, as it was last year, before Christmas.

It’s Claire’s doing! She’s the culprit. She sent me pasta. Ha ha.She really sent me the pasta. I went inside the house, and rip the packaging open. And looked for the penis she sent to me. LOL…fine…I’ll be honest. I practically ravage the thing, thinking that I’ll be getting some penis to eat…oopss, penis pasta to eat. Talk about impatience…

Apparently, Claire thought that I am still underage. Haha. She wants to protect my innocent eyes and not so innocent mouth from those horrid pastas she ate last Christmas. You see… Claire has always been a mummy figure to me. And so, she must have want to live up to the status. Which mum would send her daughter penises anyway?

There are no penis pasta that I requested. But there’s these…and some chocolate that was  attacked and walloped immediately by the alien in my house. *sigh* I only get to eat one of them. LOL…those aliens in my house are rather hungry, that’s why they immediately have a go at those chocs… or was it pralines? I wasn’t so sure, cuz it melted in my mouth way too fast for me to be able to identify which species it was from.

Cute stuff…. those smiley magnets…I like them a lot. I played with them like a little girl! And who could have thought that Cleffairy is actually capable of giggling?

Thank you Claire. 😀 I like these pressies. I got a Xmas pressie, after all. Albeit a little late. I loved them to bits, especially the magnets. I was really surprised, actually. I have forgotten that I had somehow requested for you to send me the penis pasta. LOL… *hugs* Thank you so much Claire. You made me smile whole day through.

Quote from Cleffairy’s novel in progress: I wish I can give you the world, but it’s not mine. You can have my heart instead. It’s all I have.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Claire? LOL… she’s very nice lady. Very thoughtful… ahahaha. But no messing with Claire either, I think she can be scarier than me when she’s mad! 😛 Actually, I am easy to please… it’s just that the world is a complicated place, and I have to change in order to survive.

  1. claire says:

    Cleffairy, sorry for the long delay.. now u know what i m.. a procrastinator… no less.
    Hope u like the change of pastas.. the way u described how u will crush the Penises pasta, i have 2nd tots.. in order to “save” your husband, i better send u these instead.. phew!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wud lah, this Claire… I actually forgot about it liao lah… lol… You procrastinator? I’m a Procrastination Queen! =.= I had to laugh when I saw the pastas… I somehow knew that you wun send them to me. You’re never the violent type… *nods* LMAO…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hihi, Dreamkid! Happy New Year to you too. Claire is a very nice lady. 😀 A mummy figure to me… 😛 Yeah, I’m very happy with those funny gifts! LOL…out of this world! Ahahaha…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…u never give ppl your address kot, Cikgu? Den how ppl send to you? Haiyorrr…. You go kill urself? You berani anot? Sure cannot wan la u… i think u still wanna go on makan trips-live not enuff yet lah! Wakakakakaka!

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