Belle de Jour: The Further Adventures of A London Call Girl

I got this book from the recent book sale that I went to. I bought it because… well, you know, I used to read Belle’s, a.k.a Dr. Brooke Magnati’s blog. She’s a real call girl and writes a really explicit blog. I found her blog really interesting (she jot down on how she works as a professional during the day and a call girl at night in her blog), and so… I bought this.

While I couldn’t really stomach ’50 Shades of Grey’; an erotic novel that in my opinion not quite worth reading, I can proudly say that I manage to skim through this book.

Not a very easy read, hard to concentrate, but I learned quite a few things from this book; not about sex, but more about relationship, and what is really going on in men’s head in general. I gained quite some understanding from this book through the perspective of someone who works in the sex trade.

From this book… I learned that men are visual creature, and more often than not, they are looking for fantasies, and people who can boost up their ego. As Belle said in her book, there are reasons why women are cooks and men are chefs. Men’s ego needs to be constantly stroked; which is not always done by a wife.

There’s another interesting thing that I noted when I was flipping through this book. Despite the fact that Belle is ‘professional caregiver, she does have terribly good insight on relationships; seeing how she have encountered plenty of men throughout her ‘adventures’.

What I couldn’t forget about this book is that Belle does have conscience and to think that a call girl would actually tell you that when your marriage fails and you feel that your spouse (wife, as she meant) doesn’t understands you anymore, you’re better off with condoms and 2 hour romp with a prostitute rather than having affair and ends up being emotionally involved and hurts everyone in the process hits me real hard.

When I saw what she implied in one of the pages, it hits me hard. Hey, I’m all for the to have and to hold, for better or worst and remaining faithful to your spouse throughout your marriage, but she’s really right. It’s better to find a prostitute for a sexual release rather than gets emotionally involved with someone else and hurts everyone in the end.

I hate to say this, but there are a lot of things in this book that made sense, and for that alone, despite the fact that I struggled to read the book chronologically and page by page, I give this book a 4 star. It’s kinda enriching and educational to say the least.




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    pinjam. how many books you bought from the sale? susah wanna find books la goz not arrange according to author like last year

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