Yak, The Giant King

Kids are bored during the hols? Wanna give them a movie treat in the cinema but not sure what movie you should let them watch? Well, scrath the vampire and werewolves and bang bang boom here and there kind of movie. Go for Yak, The Giant King instead.

Yak tells the tale of the adventurous exploits of Tosakan and his archenemy, Hanuman the Monkey King. Yak begins with a classic battle between good and evil and ends with a choice between war and peace. Loosely based on Ramayana, the original characters of men, monkeys and Gods have been replaced by robots that reflect and personify important attributes of the original characters.

Hanuman the monkey king is now a three wheeled robot with a need for speed and adventure. Instead of a monkey’s tail, he has been gifted with a magic chain with which to subdue his mortal enemy Tosakan. Tosakan then ten headed ten armed villain of Ramayana is now a ten headed ten armed giant robot. His only goal in life is to conquer the robotic world and destroy Lord Rama. Lord Rama the powerful demigod of Ramayana is now a powerful satellite in orbit around this robotic world. His mission and that of his loyal servant Hanuman is to stop Tosakan at all cost.

After a million years of being buried underground, Hanuman and Tosakan are discovered by a junk merchant. Through a series of comedic mishaps the pair wake up and find that they’re fused together by Hanuman’s chain. In a hilarious twist of fate they’ve lost their memory, all sense of who they used to be and have no clue as to why they’re chained together. The chain can’t be broken and the adventure begins.

Along the way they become true friends and comrade in arms. When they find out the truth about themselves they have to make a decision, do they continue as friends or do they become enemies again. Is their friendship stronger than an unbreakable chain?

Check out the trailer below:

YAK will be released in Malaysian cinemas 25 Dec 2012. So check it out with your kids this Christmas, folks. 😀 They might just love it!


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