The story of an old man, rambutans and langsats


I was having supper with my son at the regular mamak last night, and they were screening the movie ‘2012’ from Fox Movies through their projector. It was the second time I’ve watched ‘2012’. The movie is about the end of the world and is pretty much action packed. In my humble opinion, it’s pretty much emotional and delivers quite a few messages to the viewers.

I was really engrossed with the movie. Then, out of of the sudden, an old man, at least in his late 70s came over to my table and gave me and the boy some rambutans and langsats to eat. He was sitting with a group of his friend earlier on. All of them were senior citizens, and they were having supper together while watching the movie. The man does not look rich or anything. He even have a bicycle parked beside his table with a basket full of rambutans and langsats. I assume he have bought it earlier before having supper as there was a fruit stall selling both of the said fruits nearby.

His action shocked me for awhile cuz he is a stranger. I know I’m not supposed to take anything from a stranger. We all were taught that. But as I’ve observed, he was completely harmless, and I noted that he even gave the waiter some of his rambutans and told them to eat up too after giving some to me and my son. And so, I said thank you to him, and after saying thank you for his treat, I realized that perhaps, the humanity, the kindness and generosity is not lost after all despite of the materialistic world.

That old man… made me wonder… he probably have a family… a wife who is as old as him, or grown up children waiting for him at home to share the fruits with, but he chose to share some of his sustenance with strangers who meant nothing to him. Or perhaps, he did not have anyone to share it with at home, and so, he chose to share the fruits with strangers.

Either way, he’s still a generous man. He’s probably living on a small pension or allowance from his children, and yet, he still extended his generosity and kindness to the people around him. He looks so old and frail though, and that made me wonder if I’ll ever meet him again, and if I could ever make friends with him. It would be nice to exchange pleasantries whenever we meet again, don’t you think? And perhaps, if we ever meet again at the restaurant and my pocket permits it, I could pay for his drinks and his meals and treat him in return.

Cleffairy: I always feel that crossing path with certain people is not just a coincidence. There is always a reason why certain people is in your life, and some others are not.


  1. Cleffairy says:

    πŸ™ This world is a dangerous place… you can hardly blame people for that. I mean, even I was wary of the old man earlier on. I suppose back then we dun have this issue,huh? Those good old times where people extended generosity to one another and nobody gives a hoot about their intentions.

  2. ALice Phua says:

    I have my fair share of nice and generous/kind people encounter too and it really makes me feel relieved that there are still people who do good deeds to someone they barely know of and without expecting anything in return. I was back at the LRT station in Bukit Jalil and it was already raining heavily. I didn’t have an umbrella with me but I badly need to walk to the car park. So I put on a thick skin and asked a girl (who has another girlfriend with her and both of them having their own umbrella whether I can tumpang her umbrella or not. Without any hesitation, she allowed and we walked up the stairs to the car park. She also offered to drive me in her car to reach the place where my car is parked and I accepted. Not just that, after I signalled her to stop her car so that I can get down, she then offered me her umbrella so that I can walk to my car with minimal wetness! I was touched by her kind gesture. However, I declined to use her umbrella because I doubt I’ll get to meet her again to return it. So before I left her car, I wished her,”God bless you!” Till today, I still cannot forget about this Good Samaritan lady. She’s a Chinese lady of either late 20s or early 30s and has kids already becos I saw her dashboard inside got disposable diaper.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I really feel wistful… cuz I dunno that uncle, and yet, he was so generous to me and my son. He duzzin look rich and all that either, and was merely having supper with a group of his senior citizens friend; they just bought teh tarik and roti kosong to eat. πŸ˜€ I suppose this world does not lack good people after all. πŸ˜€

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