Utterly unbelievable things at Water World @ i-City

If any of you have read my review on i-City Water world and is wondering why my review is so negative, here’s some pics for you to see to justify my statement:

Just take a look at this. They opened the place to the public even though plenty of areas were still under construction. I wasn’t impressed, especially when no sign, no nothing were put up to warn the visitors.

And then there’s this…the water at their ‘River Adventure’ was utterly murky, muddy and disgusting that you’re liable to get skin disease if you don’t shower well after playing over here. Do note that this is a water park, not natural river. The water is not supposed to be murky. It’s supposed to be clean and treated with chlorine… or salt to ‘soften’ the water for that matter.

And one of their biggest worm? Their pools had fallen tiles everywhere, and this one was particularly taken from the children’s pool. Will you just look at that? In my opinion, the material used was dirt cheap…either that, or no maintenance were done at all! I shudder to imagine people getting injured while playing in the pool! The changing room was filthy too. It was flooded with water and was completely disgusting but I’ll spare you from seeing the picture. I wouldn’t want you to puke out your meals.

Cleffairy: Will you be willing to pay money to enjoy this kind of place? While I’m glad I get to spend quality time with my husband and son the other day, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to risk any injuries. If you ever visit this place, please be careful!




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