C Asean Consonant Concert 2016: The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN

It is a common knowledge that we’re all divided by languages and culture, but music is something that everyone in the world have in common despite of the language barrier. Music is an international language that transcends linguistics, cultural, religious, political and economics barrier.

Realizing this, C asean , a Bangkok based social enterprise whose aims are to strengthen regional connectivity formed C asean Consonant, bringing together generations of musicians across ASEAN countries. Members of C asean Consonant are talented youth from 10 ASEAN countries gathering to showcase their traditional instruments. This ensemble offers a platform for younger generation to develop, to share and to preserve traditional music of ASEAN.

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C asean Consonant Concert in MaTiC, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with lineups of talented young musicians from ASEAN countries; Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam performing “The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN”; medley of traditional songs from each countries.

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A total of 10 ASEAN countries performed with traditional musical instrument of their respective countries:

Sukirman Sugadto from Brunei
Marvin Tamayo from Philippines
Niranjan Pandian from Singapore
Agung Hero Hernanda from Indonesia
Kammathep Theeralertrat from Thailand
Noor Leyzam Ali from Malaysia
Le Thuy Linh from Vietnam
War War San from Myanmar
Sinthavong Sengmounthong from Laos
Peseth Sart from Cambodia

The music presented is able to give an idea that music is a universal language that is able to melt, eliminating differences, and unite the various tribes, races, and languages ​​between countries in the ASEAN region.

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Ethnic music was considered old-fashioned by most young people around the world was presented with a package that includes a musical arrangement with contemporary elements.

Here’s sharing some of the instrumental songs that was performed in the C asean Consonant concert that was held in MaTiC, Kuala Lumpur.

‘Asian Way’, the theme song for ASEAN countries.

Cambodian song: Sarika Keo which tells about the natural beauty of Cambodia.

Dayung Sampan, a song from Malaysia. Instruments used for this song is similar to songs played in a Chinese weddings.

Ai ai Salidumay, a song from Philippines is equally interesting. This song is usually sung by the community or communities in the Philippines to provide encouragement in carrying out their daily activities.

The meaningful C ASEAN Consonant Concert: The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN received a standing ovation by the end of the concert and this definitely showed the world that different countries could appear together harmoniously and stand united with each other.

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