Chicken Pizza at Old Hadrawart Setapak


It’s been awhile since I had pizza, so yesterday, when my client ordered chicken pizza for us to enjoy during our meeting in Old Hadrawart, Setapak, I was pretty esctatic.

Unfortunately for us, our dining experience was not very pleasant. The service was terribly slow despite the fact that there’s only us patronizing the restaurant. The pizza took almost 1 hour to arrive and the staff are not very friendly too.

When we asked for the bill, we were told that they don’t have change for RM50 and insist for exact change. We were baffled even more when the staff told us to go and change the money with nearby restaurant. Wow. I thought they would at least accommodate us by taking the RM50 and make an effort to change it to smaller bills from the nearby restaurant, but no. They refused to budge.

Well, with attitude like that, I now know why their restaurant is perpetually empty despite the tasty food.

Cleffairy: Another restaurant on my banned list.


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