Eat, Play, Love:Traveling with Ephyra

School holiday is finally here, folks. How is it so far for you? I had a great start this year. Unlike the previous year, I spend loads of quality time with my loved ones this year. We do a lot of things together…eat, play, and defying tradition where we just stay home during school holidays, this year we decided to join a short media trip and get out of our little cave a little bit.


Since it was just a short weekend trip, we decided to travel light. We used this lovely Ephyra bag to stuff in our clothings. LOL. Can you believe that? Well, you better believe it cuz I decided not to pack up any travel bags and use this instead. Yes. We just used ONE Ephyra tote bag. Why? Well, to avoid us bringing all sort of unnecessary junks. We’re pretty famous for bringing all sort of things from home as comfort item whenever we’re away from home.


All I packed up in the bag was just chargers for our smartphones and gadgets, a change of clothes for each of us and of course, a must have in my travel bag; my huge sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare of the sun and a few sachets of Ephyra for myself to drink. Packed in small sachets, Ephyra is definitely traveler friendly.


Drinking Ephyra is a must during travels. A MUST. Why? Well, not only it helps me to stay beautiful and young, but because it doubles as a great energy booster. Remember in my previous posts where I mentioned the benefits of Ephyra? Well, I’ve been consuming Ephyra for 2 months now, and going well into my third, and I’ve seen wonderful effects it does to my body. Apart from keeping my skin radiant with a healthy glow, it gives me so much stamina throughout the day. I noticed that consuming Ephyra keeps me alert during travel and gives me less headache and motion sickness. I used to travel poorly because I feel so sick whenever I take public transport for a long distance journey, but not anymore with Ephyra. It must be one of it’s benefit, I suppose…the ingredient must have some sort of neutralizing/stabilizing properties that helps my body environment to work better…giving me less headache, less queasy feeling when I’m in a vehicle.


Here’s a picture of us social media influencers in the bus trip to Genting. I’ll be frank with you. I did not sleep the night before as I was rushing for datelines. I should have been low on energy by 2pm, but thanks to Ephyra, I still feel fresh by the time the bus touched down in Genting World Resort  that evening. Media trip’s itinerary are usually packed, and this one does not make any difference. As soon as we checked-in to the hotel, we were immediately ushered for events that we’re supposed to enjoy and cover for.


The first in the organizer’s list was Stars on String performance. It was a really exciting puppet show.


After 2 hours of dinner break, then it’s time for another event, which is Fantastica 2, a really magical performance by talented people from all over the world.

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I should have dropped dead that night after the performance, but I was still as energized as a Duracell bunny at 2am, all thanks to Ephyra. Instead of sleeping like the rest of my media friends, I decided to walk around and experience the nightlife in Genting.

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No, I didn’t gamble, but took loads of selfies with kiddo here, and pretty much happy with the result. 😛 I like how healthy and radiant I look now after consuming Ephyra. I no longer look like a walking corpse. I feel great inside out, thanks to Ephyra.


See the time indicated on the clocktower? Well, we fooled around til it was 3am before I was really ready to call it a day.


Ephyra is one of the item in my travel bag as it gives me so much benefit instead of just making me look good. I’m not going to write a long-winded post on how goos it is that I decided to religiously consuming it daily. You can refer to my previous post about my 14 days beauty challenge with Ephyra HERE yourself to see how Ephyra benefited me from day 1 to day 14.

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