Classroom Mayhem

Once upon a time, in a place not so far away from us, there’s a huge school in the middle of a forest. In that school, there’s a classroom where there are a lot of students who are out of control once the teacher is absence. That particular class is known as 1/4 Boleh. The teachers for this particular class had been absent for some time, and so, the students decided to take control of the entire class so that they would be able to put their experience as leader in their curriculum vitae when they’re seeking for a job once they graduate.

The old class rep has made a lot of havoc in the class as a consequence of his decision regarding to the class economy . The class economy began to deteriorate as inflation hits in, and the students who are in that class suffers because they no longer can buy food at the school cafe at a reasonable price.

As1/4 Boleh is getting uncontrollable, and the class rep, Dollah started to get agitated with the whole situation. The student’s support is no longer with him, so he decided that since he could not clean up the mess that has been made, he might as well announce that he’ll give up the position. What better way to get out of hot soup than to pour hot soup on others?

Not realizing what they could have gone into, a lot of students who are interested in being a class rep once the old class rep, Dollah decided to give up his position as he prefers to sleep in class instead of taking charge. Among them is Dollah’s assistant, Nejeeb, a student who is rumoured to be a cruel arsonist who stole chemical from the chemistry lab and use the chemical to bomb a lab rat to death, while another is a student who is is always interested in the class rep position but always denied the chance, Anus.

While Anus is clean from bombing lab rat to death rumours, his past is not absolutely clean either. Words has it that he is a gay, and loves to play with other student’s backside with his imported glass dildo. But of course, the source of those words about him being a gay is just a hearsay. No one can actually prove that he have such fetish, because he actually have a pretty girlfriend who clings to him everywhere he goes.

Much to Anus’s annoyance, Dollah has decided to pass down his position as a class representative to Najeeb as soon as he gives up the position instead of waiting for the annual class election to choose a new class rep in a more dignified way. Dollah has denied his classmates to choose their own class rep effectively by doing this, and Anus is definitely not satisfied with the whole situation that does not work in his favour.

And so, the forever cock-talking Anus declared with not so much conviction to the rest of the class that he will, by hook or by crook will take over the position on a certain date without fail. 1/4 Boleh is quite skeptical of his declaration, because this is not the first time that he told his classmates that he will kick Dollah in the butt and replace him as a class rep.

The student of 1/4 Boleh is actually not so comfortable with the fact that they will be having a cruel lab rat bomber as their leader, but they have not much say or choice in it. Both of the candidate for the future class rep have dirty past, and the students has long learn not to easily trust their leaders. Dollah and his cronies lack credibility to restructure and have the class under control and yet, they still want to have control over 1/4 Boleh.

The question here is just this, will the change of leadership in 1/4 Boleh brings good changes to the entire class, or will it serve to further severe the entire situation? Is a cruel person who had been rumoured to bomb a lab rat to death capable of taking care of his classmates’ welfare? Is 1/4 Boleh really lack of capable leaders who can lead them that they’re force to choose between the two who have unclean past?

Changes ought to be made so that the students gets more say in who should be their leaders and who should be sent to the dark room and be isolated from the rest of the class, or the class would soon fall and only forest animals such as monkeys and babboons would be interested to stay in 1/4 Boleh.

Cleffairy: Boom boom boom boom, explosion in my room!


  1. cleffairy says:

    Hihi Merissa. Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting and commenting. *sigh* I’m afraid that most geeks in 1/4 Boleh either have no balls or their balls have been busted because they have ‘dirty little secrets’. So they don’t dare to fight, afraid, in case they get ‘spotcheck’ by prefects. LOL.

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