Santa, can you hear me?

Don’t even ask if I’m all right. I am a mad, always angry, lunatic fairy. I’m not sweet and docile, likeable, normal person. Since when I’m all right and normal, anyway? The world drives me crazy, and the only thing one, hyper 25 years old girl could do on a perfectly good, sunny Sunday when she’s all locked up staring at the four white walls of her damn prison other people told her it’s her home can do was think about Christmas, Santa, and Superman. (Yes, Superman again… what’s with me and Superman, anyway? I got to do a case study on myself soon! I’m practically crazy!)

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. It’s just 4:23PM, 8th August 2010, Sunday

*groan* It’s not even November yet (which saddens me, cuz it’s not NaNoWriMo yet, and I don’t have a bunch of authors going crazy on a literary rampage with me) and I found myself thinking about Christmas already. Been looking up for Christmas songs and having the urge to greet people Merry Christmas and eating Christmas dishes. You know… the roasted chicken or turkeys, the pastas, the pastries, with a partridge on the Christmas tree. Must be the potluck withdrawal I’m having. πŸ™

Oh, jolly… I finally lost it~! I think I can hear someone out there telling me to go and join those loon of Elvis and Micheal Jackson in the asylum. I need a horseback riding theraphy…. a few good games of bowling…and a few bloody round of archery, but the closest thing I can get to those damn therapy is just to ‘live’ them through my novel characters- a novel that I have yet to find the momentum to write again. Oh, that’s just so pathetic. πŸ™ Muse, Muse, please come back to me. I need you, desperately. Inspire me again so that my readers over here will be spared from my lunacy.

My life sucks. I can almost see myself being bound and chained. Bloody shits, stinking pee, you name it! πŸ™ A complete waste of my already goddamn short life.

Santa, can you hear me? I want to go flying all night long and travel the world. I don’t want to die, trapped in this damn shit-hole… where all I did was stay in front of the PC slaving away to earn measly bits day in, day out. I want to leave a legacy! THIS is not the life I wanted. It’s not what I imagined myself to be 10 bloody years ago! I imagined myself to be a doctor… or a journalist traveling the world, sampling what the world could offer me. Argh…. free me, somebody! SOOOOOOOOO DAMMMMMNNNN BORRRRRREEEEDDD!

Santa, can you hear me? I have been so good this year…I have yet to murder people who stepped on my tail… all I want for Christmas this year is a goddamn break from this damn prison. I want to go to the beach…collect seashells, go fishing, riding the horse for a stroll along the beach and swim and eat seafood at some fisherman village til I got sick with allergy!

Santa can you hear me? Next month would be my bloody birthday. Ohhh…good, say you? Oh, geez… I’ll be grateful enough if people even remember it this year and nobody screw it up for me again. Could you send some of your Terminator Elf for me to use? In case it’s like last year again? I would be eternally grateful if you would.

Santa, can you hear me? I’ve been soooooo good this year. I have yet to seek revenge and return the favour to those who made my life miserable and made me suffer for things that’s not even my freaking fault in the first place. (Yadda, yadda… who can tolerate being the receiver of people’s emotional tantrums anyway? I bet you can’t too)  So, Santa, can you make sure that my life won’t be so boring next year?

I need to live my life, talk with people instead of just listening to what people want to do and having a one sided conversation resulting me to zone out every now and then. That makes me feel brain-dead, you know? *SIGH* Where the hell is those jerks of boys when I need them most? The tease me, but at least they cheer me up. πŸ™ They don’t bore me.

Santa can you hear me? All I want for Christmas this year… is just an exciting life that doesn’t confine me into just staying at home, day in day out. Can you put it underneath my Christmas tree for me? Oh please, Santa, make my wish come true. I’ll be waiting here, and that’s my only wish this year. πŸ˜€

Cleffairy: When Clark Kent disappear or don’t keep his promises, I know he have a very good reason. He’s out saving the world as Superman. Others… don’t break promises or stood me up because they’re out there somewhere, busy being Superman and saving the world!

Note: Wrote this not so agreeable article with 825 words within 8 minutes. That a new record. So… anyone for a word sprint? πŸ˜€


  1. marriage dating sites says: dating a mormon woman

    Sigh…so kesian but God works in mysterious ways. Hopefully things will get better and Superman will come flying! If not Superman, Batman can? If not Batman…Fatman can or not? As they say, beggars can’t be choosers. Muahahahahaha!!!

  2. clarie says:

    Santa is still sleeping la, Cleff.. now is summer..
    Life is not perfect… we got to make do with what we have for now.. and as long as we earn an honest living and our family is healthy, it is all that matters…
    Yes, we can hope for better life ahead, what we wish for, hope they come true…
    But meanwhile, make life easier by accepting what we are and what we have now..
    This year it will be a bit different… i think last year it was kind of worse… I believe life will be better later on… just trust and obey…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cis…trust and obey? Trust and obey who ah? I can only trust God…others… haoyorr… how to trust? Even Jesus’s apostle oso betray him. I’m just human… who oso can betray me.

      Obey ah? I didn’t say that part of the vow. Tarak… tarak obey punya. Sometimes, just accepting fate like this makes me sick to the stomach. Feel brain-dead. Dahlah my Muse kena kidnap. No inspiration. So sien. Haizz… nid to take control of my own fate, or I will go gila.

      I can appreciate what I have now… but accepting what I have actually become… that part quite disgust me. πŸ™ You just see how I turned out… insignificant nobody. Nothing important oso… haizz…

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