Confess Your Love with Korean Secret Bento by Barcook Bakery

Would you believe me if I told you that I am an author for 30 published romance and fantasy novels,? Well, believe me, because it’s true. I was a romance novelist until I hit a terrible author’s block when I was in my late twenties. Regardless on how I try to get inspired again, I just couldn’t muster any romantic plots that actually make sense, and so I decided to just take a break from noveling and start blogging instead.

I am a hopeless romantic deep inside. Through writing, I gave birth to romantic and passionate characters who are unafraid of expressing their feelings, thoughts and love, who are so different from me.

I have always been good with writings, but never verbal expression. I’ve been married for almost 17 years, and yet I only told my husband that I love him twice throughout our marriage. Both times when I was extremely upset or emotional. As much as I love him, I simply couldn’t tell him that I love him so casually like everyone else.

I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of people who are like me too; those who love so passionately and deeply and yet words always fails them when it comes to confessing or expressing love verbally.


But worry not, people. There’s now a solution to that; if you can’t say it, just write to get your words of affection across. Barcook Bakery has come out with this genius solution where you can literally send sweet message across to your intended.


Located at The Sphere in Bangsar South, Barcook Bakery provides a solution for the hopeless romantic, the shy ones and those who have troubles expressing their love verbally; through the Korean Secret Bento-Box.


The Secret Bento-Box is simply a plain box containing delicious cakes that comes with a magic marker for you to write or draw your customized message on.


The Secret Bento Box comes in 3 flavours; strawberry, dark chocolate and oreo which are made with light, fluffy sponge, fresh components and filled with luxurious fresh whipped cream.


Here’s what I made for my husband. A not so subtle message asking for a kiss.


And when he opens it up, this message sending a kiss will appear.

Lovely and sweet way to send message of love across, don’t you think? I think this method is really romantic. Not only you can use this for your other half or lover, but you can use it to send well wishes and greetings as well. Simple and yet direct and cute.

Want to confess your love, send well wishes or simply convey greetings? The Secret Bento Box is available at all Barcook Bakery outlets. Below are the selling price for the Korean Secret Bento-Box:

1. Strawberry Bento = RM16.80 per box
2. Dark Chocolate Bento = RM16.80 per box
3. Oreo Bento = RM16.80 per box

Check the information below for ongoing promos at all Barcook Bakery outlets:

Buy 1 FREE 1 for 1 st 50 customers (Limit to 1 set per customer)

Launch Date:
1. 18 May (Saturday)
The Gardens, Midvalley start from 11am
** Promotion (1 Day only)

2. 21 May (Tuesday)
The Sphere, Bangsar South, start from 12noon
** Promotion (1 Day only)

3. 25 May (Saturday)
IOI Mall, Puchong, start from 11am

All Korean Secret Bento Box **comes with FREE Colour Marker Pen.

Barcook Bakery outlets location:

1. The Gardens, Midvalley
LG-225, Lower Ground Floor
Tel : 03-2202 2234

2. The Sphere, Bangsar South
UG-7, Upper Ground Floor
Tel : 03-2732 0821/ 0822

3. IOI Mall, Puchong
Lot G00A3A & G00A5B, Ground Floor
Tel : 03-8074 7725

Social Media :
1. Facebook =
2. Instagram = barcook_my

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