Laurier Super Slimguard and Active Fit Sanitary Pad Review


As much as I love the comfort of the cloth pads, I have to admit that if you are traveling, the cloth pads would be more of a nuisance rather than convenience. Using cloth pads for almost 5months now has improved my period pain and I love the fact that it doesn’t give me terrible itch after a few hours of usage…but sometimes, I will have to settle for the regular disposable sanitary pads.

Traveling is one of the times I would go for the convenience of the disposable pads. There’s plenty in the market and I usually use Kotex, but quite some time ago, I received Laurier Slim Fit/Active Fit along with Laurier Slim Guard/Active Guard Pantyliner and I decided to give it a go during those days that I need to be on the go.

So…do I like it? I suppose I can respond positively to that. They absorb fluid pretty well and they are thin. It feels as if you’re not wearing any pads/pantyliner at all and they don’t take much space in my bag. 🙂 So I guess a much more convenient option for me if I’m on the road.

So…ladies…if you are using cloth pads…do you stick to cloth pads and cloth pads alone when you’re on the go, or you get flexible like me…opt for the disposable ones instead while traveling?

Cleffairy: Convenience and comfort sometimes don’t walk hand in hand.

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