Country Club Fitness FTX , Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a developing country and is fast becoming a sport tourism destination among both sports enthusiasts and investors from all around the world.

Being a country that is very open and versatile when it comes to investors, Malaysia recently welcomes a prominent sport investment all the way from Hyderabad; Country Club Hospitality & Holidays. Established in 1989, the Country Club Hospitality & Holidays is a pioneer in offering wholesome leisure hospitality services in India and beyond. A full range of Country Club Hospitality & Holidays specialty services include member exclusive social clubbing hubs, holiday destinations, fitness centres and star-studded entertainment events. The network has over 75 ownership clubs, resorts, hotels and fitness centres in India, Middle East, Bangkok, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Also, it offers over 4000 global hospitality associates. Dubbed as the Powerhouse of Entertainment, the Country Club Hospitality & Holidays celebrates several global festivals and family entertainment events by inviting
leading Indian movie stars.

The Country Club Fitness FTX is a well-known fitness brand from India and it already has many outlets across the globe. The Country Club continues its expansion plans, making its way into Malaysia.

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Mr. Y Rajeev Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Country Club Group,
Mr Y Varun Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Country Club Group and Indian movie star Mr. Rana Daggubati (Bahubali Fame) gracing the opening of the first Country Club Fitness FTX outlet in Malaysia.

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Left: Datuk M. Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, endorsing Country Club Fitness FTX, Kuala Lumpur.

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Mr. Rana also obliged a workout demonstration for fitness fans and a brief autograph signing ceremony.

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Datuk M. Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports is seen working out at the Country Club Fitness FTX, Kuala Lumpur with the trainers during the launching.

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Guests is seen trying out some of the fitness centre’s facilities.

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One thing about this fitness centre is that they have different work out routine and all workouts are monitored by personal trainers closely with the aim of helping the increase of fitness conscious Malaysians to get fitter and healthier with their unique technology from Australia, a 45-minute functional training exercises for optimal benefits.

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