Spectacular Visual Storytelling Through SkySymphony at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

It is no secret that Resorts World Genting has somehow become my favourite weekend getaway destination. I’ve been sharing about my escapades in Resorts World Genting quite often on my social media and sometimes, people asks me… “Are you addicted to gambling?” or “Aren’t you bored? It’s almost every other weekend that you are up there,”. Well, first of all, Genting is just 40 minutes drive from home. Second of all, I must correct the perception that while Genting is well known for being the only resort with legal casinos in Malaysia, I am not a gambler, I don’t spend my time in Genting making bets. There’s much more to Resorts World Genting than their casinos. There are plenty of attractions in Resorts World Genting. There’s Chin Swee Caves Temple where you can see beautiful architectures and view, the Important Bird Area in Awana where you can go birdwatching and not to mention that their latest mall, SkyAvenue is not only a shopping heaven for shopaholics, but a paradise for foodies as well.

Speaking of SkyAvenue, here’s sharing one of their latest attraction. No, I’m not going to spam you with the pictures my shopping loot, although I’m guilty of it somehow. What I’d like to share with you is their spectacular visual storytelling through SkySymphony.


SkySymphony is a free-to-public performance showcasing an extraordinary orchestra of audio, visual and motion graphics programming through 1,001 winch balls suspended from a four-storey high ceiling.


Each performance is accompanied by larger-than-life cinematic visuals and original music mix.

Here, check out the video of one of the performance; Urban Symphony.

There are a total of 3 inaugural shows so far:
-Urban Symphony
-The Goddess1,001

The show is indescribable, to say the least. I won’t spoil it for you by writing more about it. Just go over and witness the magic yourself. Video recording and photo-taking is allowed too, so yes, go ahead, go on FB Live and Instastory and share with your friends all you want.

Venue: Level 1, SkyAvenue

Every day starting 01.09.2017
10am – 6pm (Every two hours)
6pm – Midnight (Every hour)

The show is open to public and is free. For more information about this, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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