Crème Conditioner and Detangler by C & C Natural Handcrafted Soaps


Although I managed to remedy my easily dehydrated skin with continuous consumption of the collagen drink Ephyra, my frazzled and ‘salon’ fried hair doesn’t seems to be benefiting from it.

Pretty distressing. There are times I feel like I’m a live version of Simba the Lion King and if my hair decides to not behave…I could seriously imitate our Prime Minister’s wife’s  hairstyle without much effort. I’m no big fan of Kak Mah…so having being compared to her hairstyle distresses me. 🙁

The commercial stuff doesn’t work on me. Tried hair masks…hair serums…they all failed me terribly. I thought of giving up but a friend of mine suggested that I try the non-chemical, all natural homemade remedy instead and somehow…I’m glad I followed her advice.

I hooked up an online consultation with C&C Natural Handcrafted Soaps ( they are specialized in making homemade soaps and creams) and tells them my troubles and they prescribed me the Crème Conditioner and Detangler.

The Crème Conditioner and Detangler contains water, coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, emulsifier, glycerine, essential oil and lavender.

Used it to de-tangle my Lion King hair and works wonder. 🙂 Hair condition seems much better too although I must say that the scent too spicy and sharp to my liking. But forgivable I suppose, considering there is no added chemical and whatnot and it is not supposed to smell like perfume. 🙂

Erm, I’m not suppose to say this but the leave on creme kinda doubles well as a body lotion and massaging lotion too. Ran out of em and decided to use on hubby one fine day, and he fell asleep almost immediately after the massage. Huhh…it must be some soft of  aromatherapy effect.

The nice lady from C&C has included a complimentary Shea Body Butter for me to try. Like the detangler, it works wonder…just not quite my cuppa tea as the smell is not too pleasant for me. But again…it is all natural ingredients and works like magic on the skin. I guess we can’t complain too much, huh? 😉

Cleffairy: If the commercial stuff doesn’t work, then try the homemade stuff. They might do wonders on you.

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