Dairy Tooth Ice House, Berjaya Times Square

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a huge fan of sweet stuff and desserts, but having heard that Dairy Tooth Ice House has finally opened it’s door in Malaysia, I knew I had to try it out, considering that they are not only offering plenty of well known Hong Kong all time favorite sweet snacks but a variety of silky smooth milk tea as well. Those who knows me well will know that I’m a huge fan of tea and I cannot live without at least a cup of tea daily.

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Dairy Tooth Ice House is located at 3rd floor of Berjaya Times Square. Strategically situated just opposite a cineme, the outlet is always full of customers who are mostly movie goers looking for a quick bite before or after their movie session. Plenty of seats are available for you to dine in, but takeaway option is provided for those who wants to have their food on the go.

Trying Out Hong Kong Teatime Snacks at Dairy Tooth, Berjaya Times Square

There’s plenty of stuff in their menu but here’s a video of what we tried. Video is in Mandarin and was done by my husband, Adam.

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DT Original HK Egg Puffs, Chocolate Waffle, Chocolate French Toast, DT Signature HK Milk Tea, Coconut Milk Tea and Jelly in Mango Puree

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DT Original HK Egg Puffs (RM6.90). This is one of the bestseller in the outlet. Soft, slightly sweet and eggie but not sticky, the egg puff makes a perfect fuss-free snack for those who just want a grab and go.

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Chocolate Waffle (RM9.90). Light and fluffy, the chocolate waffle was drizzled generously with thick chocolate sauce. This is definitely for those who have sweet tooth.

 photo 20170311_173642_zps9p14kyau.jpg

Chocolate French Toast (RM8.90). This toast is satisfyingly thick. Bonus? There’s rich crushed chocolate biscuit on top of it, making this toast uniquely delicious. I have no doubt that children will love this.

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From left: DT Signature HK Milk Tea (RM7.90)
and Coconut Milk Tea (RM9.90). As for tea, we decided to go with these two. DT Signature HK Milk Tea is everything a milk tea should be. Rich, smooth and slightly bittersweet. Any tea lovers would love this. Coconut Milk Tea, on the other hand is uniquely refreshing on the palate with the perfect balance of sweetness that comes from the coconut and bitterness that comes from the tea.

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Jelly in Mango Puree (RM10.90). I did not managed to have a sip of this, so I can’t comment much on it. But you’d be pleased to know that if you purchase this Jelly in Mango Puree, you’ll get to bring the mug that it was served in home. So I guess this is a plus point on it’s own.

Overall the dining experience in Dairy Tooth Ice House is decently pleasant.
Malaysians can now indulge in Hong Kong teatime snacks and delicacies without having to leave Malaysia. That’s great, don’t you think? For more information on Dairy Tooth Ice House, please refer to the information below:

Dairy Tooth Ice House
Level 3-03-110D, Berjaya Times Square
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2773 4182
FB : https://facebook.com/dairytoothmalaysia/

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun
10 am– 10 pm

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