Please don’t steal my pictures…

Dear all, I may not put watermarks in my pictures, but that does not mean you can use my pictures without my permission. My blog is meant for sharing, but kindly note that my blog is licensed under creative commons. That is the reason why I never did put watermark on my pictures. It’s meant for sharing and credits must be given back to me.

Whatever you take from me, be it pictures, or part of my articles, you MUST give credit back to me or at least ask permission from me beforehand. I DO NOT appreciate people stealing from me.

I am just so irritated that some people do not even have the courtesy to even ask permission or even comment in my blog to ask for it. Is it so hard to even ask for permission?

Cleffairy: I don’t exactly bite and suck blood, you you know?


  1. C says:

    Hi cleffairy,

    i’m writing in to duly apologize! please do check your email and advice me on your desired solution. please and thank you πŸ™‚

  2. C says:

    Thank you so much! You’re awesome. It won’t happen again. You have my word on that πŸ™‚
    And yes, I will definitely write in next time.


  3. ericlee says:

    LOL…Big Sister in Blogosphere…hahahaha sabar le…next time put ur face then no one will steal dee…LOL

    a reply to ur previous post, I’ll be glad to donate some fats for you

  4. Bananaz says:

    BIG matter turns into small matter and smaller matter becomes no matter. Great! one sky clear now :p Know you no bite people wan but your swallow ’em hahahaha..Cheers. tQ

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