My publishing misery: Royal Masquerade

Those who have been reading my blog would notice that as of late, I’ve been using the word ‘Masquerade’ terribly a lot in my blog. One might wonder what has gotten into Cleffairy that it made her somewhat masquerade fetish.

The truth is that Cleffairy didn’t contract a fetish for masquerade parties, but that is the title of Cleffairy’s latest book, entitled ‘Royal Masquerade’.

You may realized that as of late, I’ve been rather occupied and did not blog hop as often as before. Not so disturbing and not as noisy as before. All for a reason. It was because I’ve been terribly busy with the publishing process of my novel, Royal Masquerade. I’m telling you, publishing business is dirty, and damn tiring. It’s amazing that I could even take a breather out of it.

And after a long while, I finally received my proof copy of the book for my final inspection before publication. I might release it for publication somewhere in May 2010, and would be available in US and internationally. However, I have chosen not to make it available in Malaysian bookstores for various reasons. Privacy and a low profile life is one of the reason. :D  Plus, Malaysian publishers and agents are just soooooooooo cocky. 🙁 Got so fed up, and they give me a real headache and high blood pressure. I’m afraid I don’t have much patience with them anymore.

It’s a print on demand book. 😀 And since I have been torturing people with the word lately, I might as well let you folks have a glimpse on my latest novel. Do note that this is not a final product. The novel in the picture below is my own personal copy, and it is definitely not for sale. Feedbacks are most welcome and needed.

I received this a couple of days ago. It’s something that I have been waiting for since last month.

The parcel contains this…my novel… Royal Masquerade.

Nope… it’s not a hoax. The novel is real. Yes, that would mean those characters are real. They’re alive, inside my book. Astrea and Narcissus…they are both my creation.

😛 Check it out, check it out.

Anyway, this is just a short entry. I want to thank everyone who makes this happen. Thank you God, and those who encouraged me from beginning til the very end. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed.

Cleffairy: I’m now working on another novel. 😛

Quote from Royal Masquerade: Beyond lovers, they were rulers, born to protect their kingdoms. How to protect it from so far away? How to sleep with that knowledge?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Publish in Malaysia tarak nice… so many hassle, so many restriction, annoys me to death, and summore, sell in Malaysia always kena kutuk, ppl always say Malaysian author tarak quality. I damn fed up liao… ish! 🙁 Summore… I want a low profile life… ahahaha…

        • Cleffairy says:

          Haha… I’m just an author, not the publisher. I dun keep stock for my books. If want, have to order from the publisher. Akakakakaka… 😛 I just sit back wait for the royalty nia. I dun sell the book. 😛 And, have yet to make editorial amendments to it… nid to rectify many things and set a good price for the book.

          No la… I too damn fed up with Malaysian publisher liao. 🙁 Malas oredi.

  1. claire says:

    Yes, I am like STP, I demand a personalized autographed copy of the book as well.. charge it to my account or STP’s account…. hahahhaa….
    seriously, leave some copies for bloggers, Cleff.. a momentum from the author herself.. 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      *fainted* I dun hv the book copies… the book is published on demand wan la, Claire. U order only they will print and send to you. And I have opt not to publish in Malaysia for various reasons. 🙁 Malaysian publishing company and agents, really give me high blood pressure.This book, if want have to order from publisher. But I have yet to decide the publishing date… I still wanna do editorial changes to it.

      LOL..I tell you wud… Eugene kan, he said he will buy my books if I got publish it. *grinz* ASk him belanja u all. Mwhahahahahahha!

  2. manglish says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa u make me damn jeles lar…….how how? i want to write novel oso AHAHHAA CONGRATSSS!!! ehh got complimentary copy ar? give leh…..

    • Cleffairy says:

      I just got one only for me to check and rectify…:( Publish on demand la, Manglish. I dun have extras. LOL…jealous for wud? you also can write very well la…

  3. iamthewitch says:

    Congrats dear fairy!! You really made us feel proud! 🙂 I hope some day the book would be available in Malaysia. 🙂 Otherwise, you’ll see many people bugging you to get a copy of the book!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well… hopefully Malaysian agents and publishers stop annoying me to the max. I kinda have no more tolerant for them. Ahahahah…. thanks for the greeting. 😀

  4. book_a_holic says:

    Wow…it must a surreal feeling holding up the book in your hands. I remembered the first time i saw my first newspaper pullout, hahah can’t help but to beam over it (lol bring about the notion of kembang hidung then).


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes it is…really surreal, and surely it feels weird to see it finally in print. We authors liddat la, always hidung kembang over our work… especially if it’s hard work. Love’s labour. 😀

  5. mnhl says:

    Congratulations! And that novel look so thick! For me, I think will need to take about 1 year to finish them. It’s my problem – LAZY to read. 🙁

      • Mommy Ling says:

        Jor..that’s sound fantastic..i call over Kathy to ready her soup or fried noodle..heheh.

        i cant imagine how Cleffairy going to cerita to us…hahhaha..duno she will wack us when she sees our heads are FISHING***..hhahaha

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