Earn While Blogging/Writing

I’m sure most of you are aware that we can actually earn when we’re blogging, but not many knows how, or where one can go so that you can earn from blogging. Here’s some website that I know that you can earn from blogging. You see, I don’t like to keep good things to myself, so here’s where you can go if you want to get some extra cash for blogging or writing.

  1. Bloggerwave
  2. Blogitive
  3. Blogsvertise
  4. Blog To Profit
  5. BOTW Media
  6. Creative Weblogging
  7. http://cleffairy.com/dating-in-america/
  8. http://cleffairy.com/free-dating-club-in-south-africa/
  9. Helium
  10. In Blog Ads
  11. LoudLaunch
  12. Squidoo
  13. Weblogs Inc
  14. Wise Bread
  15. b5media
Cleffairy:  One very special lady taught me that sharing is not only caring… it is more than that.


  1. claire says:

    wow.. u definitely know more than i do… i only know a few mentioned above.. u can add in sponsoredreviews, payperpost, social spark, smorty…. linkworth… hehee..

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