They made my life easier

Can you imagine your life without copy machines? I don’t know if you could imagine your life without it’s existence, but I certainly cannot imagine my life without them, not when they played an important part in my life as both a teacher and a student. Copiers has made my life easier.

As a teacher, it enables me to make copies of exercise sheets for my students while as a student, it allowed me to make copies of lecture and tutorial notes whenever I couldn’t make it to class in time to take notes from the board. You see, it’s not easy to study part time. Juggling between your study, work and family can be really exchausting, and more often than not, I’m guilty of skipping lectures and tutorials. I can only be thankful that there’s always a copier or two around that i can use to copy notes from my classmates and whatnot.

Yes, copiers like Canon Copiers has made my life easier. It not only allowed me to make duplicates of documents within seconds, but it also allow me to print, scan and fax documents. Yups, some copiers are just Godsent. They allowed you to do more than just making copies of your documents.

I don’t know how my parents and the parents before them survived without having a copy machine when they are studying. Copying notes from friends and whatnot doesn’t seems to be an effective thing to do if you need them urgently. It also wouldn’t help if you don’t have a copier around if you need to copy certain documents urgently. I wonder how they do it back then before copy machines are introduced? How do they copy or make duplicates of certain documents that they need to use?

I don’t know how they do it, but I’m certainly glad that I’m living in an era where machines like copiers made my life much easier and hassle free.




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