Editor’s Pick: 10 Recommended Restaurants in NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

If you are a traveler holidaying or transiting in Kuala Lumpur and looking for a place that’s conveniently located near a public transport hub to eat, then here’s one place that I can recommend; NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur.

NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur is a large mall located at KL Sentral, Malaysia’s largest transit hub that acted as Kuala Lumpur’s integrated rail transportation centre, offering global connectivity and seamlessly linking to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and key areas within the Multimedia Super Corridor.

Getting to NU Sentral is not a problem as it is directly linked to all the major train services and is basically a transportation hub and is easily reachable via Uber, but deciding what to eat can be quite overwhelming as NU Sentral is a home to more than 20 eateries. Here’s recommending 10 restaurants for you to dine in at NU Sentral:

1. B.bap Korean Food (Outlet location: GF 0.8)

 photo 20170415_132450_zpszvugrlvn.jpg

If you are looking for some Korean delicacies with a twist, then B.bap Korean Food is a must visit.

 photo FB_IMG_1492243992937_zpshjgpckkk.jpg

The restaurant can cater to decent amount of crowds and makes quite a great place for small gatherings with family and friends. Below are some of the dishes that I would personally recommend for you to try:

 photo 20170415_125151_zps4htwgdso_edit_1493094006749_zpsak2y4gwx.jpg

Dolsot Bibimbap Octopus

 photo 20170415_124448_zpsetnc44pn.jpg

Kimchi Jiggae Beef

 photo 20170415_124541_zpsrfqijo8v.jpg

Soon Dubu Jiggae

 photo 20170415_124849_zpsgpyz3orp.jpg

Teok Bokki

 photo 20170415_131159_zpsi9fxdbyo.jpg

Korean Seafood Pancake

The restaurant is Halal certified and offers quite an impressive option on their menu, so you definitely won’t feel disappointed over here.

2. Dolly Dimsum (Outlet location: LG.43)

 photo 20170415_133557_zps3lccberx.jpg

Dolly Dimsum is a modern intrepretation of a traditional Chinese teahouse.

 photo 20170415_135431_zpshyvhvqpb.jpg

It is a contempororized Dim Sum house that offers an all day dim sum grazing experience.

 photo 20170415_135234_zpsjx1qoypu.jpg

Some of the recommended items on their menu:

 photo 20170415_134916_zpsdsebxj1x.jpg

Har Gao Dumpling and Yam Croquette

 photo 20170415_135139_zpso4pv00dy.jpg

Siew Mai Dumpling and Dolly Mozza Roll

 photo 20170415_134906_zpseqz90rcu.jpg

Egg Custard Bun and Salad Prawn Dumpling

Like most Dimsum Restaurants, this restaurant accepts walk ins but a reservation prior visit is recommended if you are heading over in a group or a large crowds.

3. Sushi Tei (Outlet Location: CC.06)

 photo 20170415_144450_zpsglgirncx.jpg

Fancy something Japanese? Then head over to Sushi Tei. They are offering quite an extensive list on their menu for a reasonable price. Below are some of the highlights, recommended and handpicked by Sushi Tei’s staffs:

 photo 20170415_150543_zpsqzjytzpm.jpg

Kirishima (18pcs), Tan Tan Ramen and
Soft Shell Crab Kani Salad

 photo 20170415_150421_zpshzzfbptv.jpg


 photo 20170415_150518_zpsfnumiicp.jpg

Tan Tan Ramen

 photo 20170415_150512_zpsapbzpyqa.jpg

Soft Shell Crab Kani Salad

Should you feel overwhelmed with the menu or have any problems ordering, just ask their staffs for recommendations. They are usually very helpful and will surely help you out.

4. Paddington House of Pancakes (Outlet location: L4.11)

 photo 20170415_155902_zps2z4d5nje.jpg

Paddington House of Pancakes offers all sort of pancakes from across the globe. Pancakes are well known for being sweet but here in Paddington House of Pancakes, they have savoury ones as well. Some of the recommended items on their menu are: Wellington, Monaco Savoury Flapjack, Chocolate Fondue and Strawberry New York Cheesecake

 photo 20170415_162219_zpsjbocvs49.jpg


 photo 20170415_162253_zpsrd1c9dit.jpg

Monaco Savoury Flapjack

 photo 20170415_161812_zpsh1h1pubh.jpg

Chocolate Fondue

 photo received_475801939418399_zpsdme8nzru.jpeg

Strawberry New York Cheesecake

Paddington House of Pancakes provides a first class hospitality and therefore you may find youself being attended by their all smiling staffs who are eager to please you. Great food, wonderful hospitality, the place is a must patronized, especially if you are having a long day. They will certainly make your day better.

5. Manhattan Fishmarket (Outlet Location: L4.06)

 photo 20170415_172911_zpsfx66aalj.jpg

Manhattan Fishmarket offers nothing but lip-smacking seafood, from the sea and straight into your plate.

 photo 20170415_174543_zpsywvajc0j.jpg

Small Flame Garlic Herb Rice with Chips

 photo 20170415_174615_zpsvwzss9mw.jpg

Gummy Bear

Considering the hassle of preparing seafood dishes, Manhattan Fishmarket is strangely fast with taking orders and serving the food. Highly recommended place to dine if you are really famish or in a rush.

6. La Juiceria (Outlet location: LG.44)

 photo 20170415_183151_zpsnzlpl1kc.jpg

Need a quick refreshing boost or just wanna cleanse your palate?

 photo 20170415_183043_zpsbvw15iw0.jpg

Well then, La Juiceria have everything that you need, ranging from quick superfood wraps or energy boosting drinks.

 photo 20170415_184632_zpswv1diwbz.jpg

One of the recommended booster juice; the Chlorophyll Water

This cafe is great for those who are eating clean or those who are looking for detox juices.

7. Franco (Outlet location: L3.06.07)

 photo 20170415_191641_zpsameaoz6k.jpg

Fancy some casual dining at a laidback place with sumptuous delicacies and jazzy music from the 90s in the background? Franco might just be the place for you. Franco offers fusion food with interesting twist.

 photo 20170415_193419_zpsk2pnrclx.jpg

Souffle Cheese, Ice Tea with Softie,
Matcha Smoothie and Berries Cheesecake

 photo 20170415_193124_zps6tli22nd.jpg

Souffle Cheese

 photo 20170415_192459_zpsc5rqr6yq.jpg

Ice Tea with Softie and Matcha Smoothie

 photo 20170415_193302_zpslwe2i9z0.jpg

Berries Cheesecake

Great food and with somewhat relaxing ambiance, Franco is definitely a great dating spot. Highly recommended to couples who wants some quiet dining together.

8. BUILT Custom Burgers (Outlet location: L4.10)

 photo 20170415_195849_zps0qbqp4vl.jpg

Wanna customize your own burger? BUILT Custom Burger is a must go if you wanna show your wild foodie side.

 photo 20170415_195746_zpscfw9p5mj.jpg

Serving premium and customizable burgers and burgers- in- a- bowl, BUILT Custom Burgers offers guests the flexibility of creating and customizing their own burgers from hundreds of possible combinations, from the patties to the bun to the toppings and sauces. Below is what we customized during our visit:

 photo 20170415_201910_zpsiy72iby0.jpg

Custom Built Beef Burger (Bun), Custom Built Beef Bowl and
Custom Built Chicken Bowl

 photo 20170415_201844_zpssinsrdfj.jpg

Custom Built Beef Burger (Bun)

 photo 20170415_201742_zpsywypujxz.jpg

Custom Built Beef Bowl

 photo 20170415_201805_zpslirvkzus.jpg
Custom Built Chicken Bowl

This is a place where foodie can go wild. Not for the traditionalists or the faint hearted.

9. Hoagies Hauz (Outlet location: L5.11)

 photo 20170415_205852_zpsmqnbcelr.jpg

With a Subway themed interior beside the cinema in Nu Sentral, Hoagies Hauz offers a quick bite for their hungry patrons.

 photo 20170415_211815_zpsxgmzencq.jpg

You can choose grab and go or dine in. Their hoagies buns are simply comforting and to die for.

 photo 20170415_211436_zpshecdi0ux.jpg

Some of their recommended items on the menu are; Cheezy Melt Steak,
Beefy Patty Melt, Aloha Hawaiian Chicken and The Signature Hoagie.

10. La Cucur (Outlet location: LG.38)

 photo received_10212487320755818_zps5w8hph93.jpeg

La Cucur offers all time Malaysian favourite tea-time fritters, kuih and more.

 photo received_10212487187952498_zpsny7r1d6q.jpeg

Assorted traditional Malay kuih at La Cucur.

La Cucur is great for those who just want to have a comforting, old time favourite teatime snacks.

All these outlets are part of the outlets that’s listed under #NUNomNomNom food trail program hosted by NU Sentral for members of the media in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary celebration. For more information on other dining outlets and current promotions that’d ongoing in NU Sentral, please hop to their Facebook page HERE.

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