Editor’s Pick: Accommodations in Royal Belum Rainforest, Malaysia

Photographer: Jessy Ong, Terrence Lei, Adam Lau

Written by: Ellie Toh

Going for an eco-escapade in Royal Belum Rainforest but feeling abit skittish about it as you’re not sure where you can stay and stuff? Well, fret not, here’s highlighting some places you can stay during your trip to Royal Belum Rainforest;

1. Royal Belum Houseboat

 photo 20170325_122144_zpsdgadzisb.jpg

On top of the list and highly recommended if you are a very adventurous person are the houseboats. There are many houseboat operators around in Royal Belum Rainforest, but one that I’d highly recommend in terms of affordability, service and hospitality is the Royal Belum Houseboat. While it is not a luxury houseboat with cruise ship-like facilities, they do provide first class service for those who are adventurous enough to spend a night or two on a houseboat during their stay in Royal Belum Rainforest. Royal Belum Houseboat have 8 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen (with kitchen crews), a common hall, and two speedboats as well as two bamboo raft in tow.

 photo IMG_3658_zpsleved3s8.jpg

The kitchen

 photo IMG_3663_zpsywimg27u.jpg

Bamboo rafts and speedboat in tow

The crews are all highly knowledgable about Royal Belum Rainforest and most of them are professional jungle guides as well. Provisions are well stoked and (meals; breakfast, teabreak, lunch, hi-tea and dinner) are all provided, so you won’t have to worry about starving on the houseboat. Highly recommended for those are wants an adventure of their lifetime in Royal Belum Rainforest. More info about Royal Belum Houseboat, you may hop over HERE.

2. Kem Sg. Tiang

 photo received_10210021734714885_zps6j4ubdbs_edit_1493011696493_zps28swjo4c.jpeg

Not that adventurous but wanna feel like some boyscouts? Well, Kem Sg.Tiang might be the thing you are looking for. Designed to look like a campsite, Kem Sg. Tiang offers tent-like rooms with back to nature concept.

 photo received_10210021734234873_zpsm0uib9ky.jpeg

Everything is strictly basic so that you will experience how it’s like to stay in a tent, minus the hassle of having to set them up. Kindly do not expect a high end hotel where you can call a room service to cater to your whim and fancy, as it’s really meant to give you the outdoor experience, but at a completely safe and controlled environment. Great for individuals, couples and families. For more information on Kem Sungai Tiang, hop over to online booking sites like Agoda or Trivago.

3.Belum Rainforest Resort

 photo received_10210021743635108_zps8ukm5ubb.jpeg

If you want to escape to Royal Belum Rainforest for some R&R and explore Royal Belum Rainforest at a comfortable and a leisurely pace, Belum Rainforest Resort might be your cuppa tea.

 photo received_10210021743875114_zpsqarsoydp.jpeg

Belum Rainforest Resort offers nothing but a luxury stay in the midst of the jungle.

 photo received_10210021744715135_zpsdurbpinq.jpeg

There are modern hotel amnesties like the infinity pool in the resort that you can use. The place is great for those who are looking for just a relaxing eco-escapade instead of a tough adventure. Highly recommended to family with young children, couples and honeymooners. For more information of Belum Rainforest Resort, click HERE.

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