Iftar at eWana FM with Ruhani Catering

It’s the holy month of Ramadhan as of writing and the Muslims are observing a sun up to sun down fast. Not an easy feat truthfully, especially when one are not only supposed to refrain themselves from eating and drinking, but strive to do good and be a more pious person. Like all Muslims around the world,my deejay and artist friends from eWana FM are also observing the holy month of Ramadhan, and my family and I have been privileged enough to be invited to break fast with them. It was an open invitation where we are welcome to join them for breaking fast session every day throughout the month, but of course, I kinda feel sheepish about it. :p

Nevertheless, the wonderful people in eWana FM made me feel like a family. πŸ™‚ Unlike my family by blood and by marriage, I don’t have to plan ahead and make appointments to meet each other for lunch or dinner. Meeting my radio family is literally fuss free. Or at least, throughout this whole month of Ramadhan, it will remain that way as they held their doors open for breaking fast session together daily.

Yes. These people feels more like family than just friends and acquaintances and they taught me quite a few things this Ramadhan. They taught me the meaning of giving without expecting anything in return, they taught me about acceptance regardless of race and religion and also, they taught me about charity and togetherness.

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A pic taken while waiting for azan and breaking fast time. Halim Brothers, host for Hai Blogger segment and my all time favourite singing traveler, Iqwal Hafiz. I bet you guys are familiar with Iqwal by now. πŸ˜‰ I’ve featured Iqwal countlessly in the blog since I got to know him from my first trip with Sahabat Media last year. πŸ™‚ Talented and mild mannered young man, I must say.

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As soon as azan is heard and a short doa (prayer) to give thanks for the food is said, everyone piles up their plate with these yummylicious food prepared by Ruhani Catering and have their fill before heading back for Terawikh Prayer or start to prepare to be on air. πŸ™‚ Ruhani Catering has done a great job in feeding all of us, I must say. Food for the eWana crew is sponsored by Ruhani Catering throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, but it tastes nothing like those shabby and tasteless catering food. πŸ™‚ The food prepared by Ruhani Catering in fact, tastes almost as authentic as homecooked food, which is great cuz as much as all of us hated to admit it, we all missed home badly. Many of us wishes to spend time and have a warm meal with our respective family during Ramadhan, but not everyone is privileged to do so. Geographically it is not possible for some.

Ruhani Catering’s service is superb. Their staff always arrives on time to deliver food and help set up the table for us, and there’s never a repeated menu delivered to us. So, if you are looking for a reliable catering company with delicious food at a reasonable price for your events and whatnot, do consider Ruhani Catering. I believe they have plenty of packages you can choose from. πŸ™‚ For more info, like their Facebook page HERE.


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