Father’s Day Celebration 2010

My father in law is the kind who enjoys good food and good companions, and he often will find excuse to lure us out to eat. This time, the excuse is father’s day. An early Father’s Day celebration.

What I like about dining with father in law is that dining with him is pressure free. He always emphasize on quality time together and not ‘quantity time’ together. The time we usually spend with him are usually short, but it’s very enjoyable. I can get along with my father in law pretty well, as he’s the civilized kind, and could talk a lot of things with me.

This time, we went for steamboat dinner once again. The restaurant was known as Meat Bone Soup Steamboat owned by my sister in law’s friend. Deciding that we should ‘support’ her friend and extort some discount from her friend, we went there instead of our regular steamboat perch.

Before the meal started…. everyone was busy yakking away with my father in law.

Tea in the tea compressor. You can bring your own tea if you want, and they’ll prepare it for you.

Various dips for the seafoods.

I like this dish the most. Fried soft Japanese taufu with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Goes very well with those dips, especially the Thai sauce dip.

Various seafood, veggies and meat for the steamboat session.

Extra chicken and veggies.

Two kinds of soup. One is ABC soup, while another is extra spicy Tomyam Soup. Initially we thought the Tomyam Soup is not spicy, but my father in law, my sister in law and I ended up sweating and whining that though the soup is nice, it’s very spicy! LOL. Very nice, but very spicy. It’s more like those Szechuan chillies soup.

It was a nice Father’s day dinner. The damage for 8pax? I don’t know. I just went there to eat and father in law’s kids, aka my brother in law, my sister in law and my husband split the bills to treat my father in law. LOL.

Cleffairy: Quality matters, not quantity.


  1. Caroline says:

    let me know if u found a not spicy tom yam soup ! LOL! btw, i never try dat kind of fried japanese tofu. 🙁 look tempting with the sesame seeds. :3

    anyway, happy advanced Father’s day to ur FIL since u guys celebrated it earlier. =)

    • Cleffairy says:

      Oh yea… cuz during father’s day itself… those eateries would be too crowded, and we cannot chit chat. So we celebrate it earlier. Better, don’t you think? I mean can talk with each other, and wun be annoyed by the food that arrives late and whatnot as well.

      Yea… the place is kinda expensive. But uh… close one eye lorr… hahahahaha….

  2. eugene says:

    You know Cleff, everytime i read about your writng about your FIL or even your own daddy, i could really learn some from them,, like this particular post, it makes me convicted that i must next time be a FIL that will warrant my DIL to talk so highly of me,, just like you do.

    thank you

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well, I respect my FIL. I mean, I adore him for what he do. He make decisions that made people misunderstood him in the past, but then, if I place myself in his shoes, I’d say I’ll make the same decisions as well. LOL… OMG, I’m ranting.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I never buy my dad pressies for father’s day. Always buys him dinner or lunch instead. Same goes with father in law. We go out for dinner or lunch together. 😀

  3. Cheeyee says:

    This year Father’s day cannot dine out…. SIL still having her confinement… but then hor, every year MIL’s birthday clash with Father’s day celebration. Really no fun.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cilaka wan la… all mother in laws and all women in their menopausal age are just bitch ass. Not happy, ah, sue me lah! Hope i will die of cancer or sth before I hit that fucking age!

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