From Russia With Love Part II- Moiseikin, The Art of Russian Luxury

You know something? I’m a bit like a frog in a well. I lived quite a sheltered life and I did not know much about the world. Until I started traveling and meeting new people, which was just the end of last year, my knowledge about people and the world is limited to what I’ve watched in the movies or what I’ve read in the books or novels. There’s this saying that says “The world is a book. Until you traveled, you’ve only read one page”. That’s really true, you know? Until you’ve really trot the globe, you know nothing about the world and the people.

Like I said in my previous post, From Russia With Love, my whole life was a lie. Well, at least where Russians is concerned. Until I met some of them in their National Day dinner last week, my opinions on the Russians is pretty much…well… ‘not much’. I thought most of them are mafias, mad scientists or head of organized terrorist organization. At most, they are the alpha male protagonists in Harlequin romance novels where they take reluctant wives or mistresses.  I guess I have the Hollywood to blame for that. 🙁 They are anything but that! They are a bunch of nice, courteous, charming, beautiful, intelligent and talented people. 😀

And speaking of talented, here’s introducing one very talented and handsome Russian, Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0022_zpsahsnml7y.jpg

From left: Anita Ibrahim, TV3 Nightline Newscaster, Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia and my new friend Azean.

Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin first fell in love with colourful stones when his father, Vladimir who was a geologist presented him with a piece of malachite. Since then, he has been filling up his treasure box with colourful stones from the Urals, Russia. In 1993, he opened a small jewellery studio in Yekaterinburg, holding on to his life-long dream of reviving the tradition of Russian luxury since founded by Karl Faberge in the 19th Century.

Moiseikin Jewellery House creates most luxurious and fine jewelry items, both stone-cut and metal, interior clocks, transformer objects, Russian Brilliant series’ and hand-made jewellery items. Specializing in glyptography,Moiseikin strives for perfection and innovation while reviving and maintaining the traditions of Russian craftsmanship. Dedicated to perfection and eager to satisfy the tastes of the art pieces’ owners, Moiseikin designs one-of-a-kind jewellery items and unique souvenirs, basing on a deep understanding of their historical and personal backgrounds, and their feelings. To create lively, carefully detailed art pieces that would move their owners is the priority of Moiseikin. Combining ancient symbols and modern ideas, wisdom of the past and energy of the present, skillful masters creates unique and refined objects of natural materials that most aptly demonstrate and emphasize the beauty of jewellery art works and precious metals. All these talents are part and parcel of Moiseikin’s art. You can find out more about Moiseikin’s art in, but in the meantime, please allow me to showcase some of the lovely pieces from Moiseikin that’s exhibited in the National Art Gallery.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0017_zpswwlwn4gy.jpg

Admiring the art of Russian luxury

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0007_zpsfakhzozc.jpg

Moiseikin jewelleries. Gosh, I wish I can have a piece of this!

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0003_zpsezd9xggq.jpg

The highlight of ‘The Art of Russian Luxury by Moiseikin’ at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, The Horn of Plenty. Jewellery, lapidary and watch-making masterpiece. Its production took 3112 diamonds, and every detail was done manually as a separate art object. The first interpretation of the “Horn of Plenty” made a huge impression on the international jewellery community. This interior clock became a symbol of the exhibition “Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair — London 2010”. Moiseikin decided to surprise the audience by introducing a brand new “Horn of Plenty”, which has never been exhibited before.

What makes the Moiseikin crafts so beautiful is how some items from the exhibits have ‘hidden treasure’ in it.

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These pieces are actually detachable accessories that will complete your look for the day.

Swans are the symbol of true love in many fairy tales and folk lores. With true love, comes diamond brooch pins from Moiseikin in this exhibit item. Among the swan jewellery miniatures are brooch pins. Exquisitely clever, don’t you think?

Check out the video above, Mr. Roman Isaev shares the secrets of Moiseikin’s hidden treasures

My friend Paris, trying out a piece by Moiseikin, inspired by the Apple from the Garden of Eden.

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Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia and my friend, Ms. Paris. Hmm… I think she should just marry the man himself as she looks so happy with the blings bling from Moiseikin. 😛

 photo paris3_zpsd5dba404.jpg

The cheapest of these exquisitely crafted rings costs RM90,000.

 photo Paris2_zps49b42c8d.jpg

Paris, wearing brooches from the detachable art earlier on.

 photo paris5_zps2da6d00f.jpg

You know what? I’ll voluntarily kill to be able to wear this one! I’m a huge fan of necklaces and I have quite a few of them in my jewellery box at home. 🙂

Knowing the Russians is indeed an eye opening experience, and I hope one day, I would be able to visit the country myself. 🙂 I’ve fallen in love with their beautiful and courteous people, and I bet the same can be said about the country itself. 🙂


Cleffairy: The world is a book. Those who do not travel, only reads one page.



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