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Russians are always portrayed as the bad guys in the Hollywood movies. They are either the mafia, drug dealers, mad scientist or worst…terrorist. In those Hollywood movies, most of them looks awfully obese with scary mustache and beard.


But having the opportunity to meet REAL life Russians in their National Day dinner a few days ago, I discovered that my whole life was a lie. They are nothing like what the movies portrayed. Their ladies are stunningly beautiful and their men are gentlemanly courteous and entertaining. And yes…they look good enough to eat too. 😉 They are crazy for Vodka and is passionate about food and of course..rather vigorous when it come to making money.Their men knows how to pay compliments and they flatter you like crazy…and heck, they’ll kiss your hands in greeting too if you are a lady!


There’s awfully a lot of people during the dinner that night.

 photo 1525130_10152542675731804_4906066248782771138_n_zps127ceb4d.jpg

It was my first time attending such a formal event. Everyone was looking gorgeous in their evening wear, and I would have felt inferior if I did not make an effort to dress up myself. Phewww…


My friend, Ms. Paris and Captain(Navy) Sergey Zhevnovatiey, Defense Attache.This pair looks so good together, don’t you think? I think they look perfect together. Unfortunately, they are both married to different Russians. 😛


I met a lot of people that night. Business people, VVIPs, ambassadors, friendly and charming Russian men…and befriended some too. Say hello to my new  friend, guys. His name is Dimitri, from Uzbekistan 😛 This fella is a funny one. He’s Russian speaking and taught us ladies how to…ahemm…swear in Russians.


Anyway, I learned during the dinner that 2014 is a significant year for the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. Not only it marks the 47th year of bilateral relationship between the Russian Federation and Malaysia, but in conjunction with the Russian National Day this year, the Embassy brings a household name in the Russian jewellery industry, “Moiseikin” to Malaysia. The Embassy was established since April 1968 with H.E. Vladimir Kuznetsov as the first Ambassador, marking the beginning of bilateral relationship between Russia and Malaysia.Presently, H.E. Lyudmila Vorobyeva and a number of 20 diplomats continue the legacy to strengthen this partnership through political, trade, investment, educational and cultural exchange.
Russia is currently Malaysia’s 26th trading partner with turnover worth USD 2.7 billion in 2013, an increase of 53.7% compared to 2012. Russia exports mineral oil, fertilizer and rubber products to Malaysia. Imports include electric and electronic equipment, mechanical equipment and rubber products. With the recent trade visit by the Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Alexey Likachev, the two great nations plan to expand bilateral relationship in transportation, facility development and banking. Russia also wants to share its expertise in aerospace, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical. The latest, a pharmaceutical factory worth RM250 million in Pahang is another collaboration to create vaccine for dengue fever; the first in the world. By 2015, it is estimated that 15% Malaysian doctors will be Russian university medical graduates.

Partnering with a frequent Malaysian collaborator, TM Info-Media Sdn. Bhd. and through negotiations with another internal-class organization; the National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, the Embassy proudly presents ‘The Art of Russian Luxury by Moiseikin’ from 10th until 16th June 2014.

For this special showcase which represents the modern interpretation of 200-year-old Russian tradition of luxury founded by the famous Karl Faberge, Moiseikin shares 37 of his one-of-a-kind masterpieces for the public eye of Malaysians. Most of the exhibits are flown outside of Russia for the first time, eager to meet all art lovers in Malaysia.

Known for his skills and expertise in stone-cutting, Moiseikin presents beautiful animal figurines…

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And graceful flowers inspired by Mother Nature with extreme details of precious stones.

 photo photo04_zpsf780f2d5.jpg

What makes the craft so unique is the fact that some of the exhibit items are actually pieces of jewellery attached together to form the jewellery miniatures. One may need to look very closely to see that perhaps the golden bird hanging on the jewel tree is actually a brooch pin ready to complete your look for the day. Or perhaps the edible-looking fruits made of pearls dangling from the miniature are actually a pair of pearl earrings. Truly, a showcase not to be missed.

Victor Moiseikin first fell in love with colourful stones when his father, Vladimir who was a geologist presented him with a piece of malachite. Since then, he has been filling up his treasure box with colourful stones from the Urals, Russia. In 1993, he opened a small jewellery studio in Yekaterinburg, holding on to his life-long dream of reviving the tradition of Russian luxury since founded by Karl Faberge in the 19th Century. Coming from generations of artists (architects, carvers, sculptors, etc), it is only natural for Moiseikin to create beautiful images in his mind and turn them into reality with his own hands. Since then, he has participated in various international jewellery fairs and opened his own showroom in Dubai and Hong Kong.
In 2010 and 2012 MOISEIKIN was awarded with the Order of Carl Faberge memorial fund for outstanding contribution to the development of Russian art of jewelry. Among his esteemed clients are Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Michael of Kent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, famous designer Paco Rabanne, Russian opera star Elena Obraztsova, etc.

Wanna admire the art of luxury yourselves? The exhibit will be at the National Art Gallery from 10th until 16th June 2014, so hop over before they fly back to Russia!


Cleffairy: Ya tebya lyublyu 🙂




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