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Dear ladies, do you remember your first ‘beauty moment’? You know, the moment when you first realized the painful reality that beauty does not exactly lies in the eyes of the beholder but it takes quite a lot effort and investments before you can actually look beautiful and presentable? People who knows me and have seen me, be it on social media does not lack compliments for me when it comes to my appearance.


They called me beautiful, cute, adorable, lovely, you name it. But the truth is, I was not always an eye candy. I was a very late bloomer.


I remember my first beauty moment. Or should I say, my beauty awakening. It was quite a slap on my face as I seriously did not care for my appearance until I was 29 years old. I looked ugly and I grew up being called names. I had low self esteem and of course, when I got married and had a child of my own, I looked like the trash the cat dragged in with baggy clothes that does not really fit me and I wear those ugly glasses that made me look much older than my age.

You see, I was raised in a family that brainwashed me that all the skincare and cosmetics are going to spoil my skin or spoil my hair. I was also told that wearing contact lenses will untimely ruin my eyesight. My husband on the other hand did not really care for how I looked like as long as I cooked and clean and take care of our son.

In all honesty, I did not care if I did not look presentable in public at all, until my lack of grooming slowly destroys my self confidence. People looked down on me and did not take me seriously, simply because I did not ‘stand out in the crowd’. People took credit for my work, simply because I did not look somewhat pretty and it is not believable that someone who looks haggard actually had talents or any brain that functions for that matter. Ugly and talented does not seems to equate well, I suppose.

My husband’s friends on the other hand, does not think I suit him and some even went as far as encouraging him to have affair with some ladies that they know as they think I’m not good enough for him, and he should only use me as a convenience to take care of our son.

I was furious when I learned all these
of course, and I knew I had to make an effort to at least look presentable before things get out of hand, and gradually, I came out from the safety of my cocoon and nobody would ever dare to call me names or even dare to call me ugly.

The process was not easy nor was friendly on my savings, I must say. I did not transformed into the ‘beautiful and confident woman’ I am today overnight. I had to get rid of all my baggy clothes and buy those that fits and accentuate my figure. I had to picked the right contact lenses so that I wouldn’t look like someone’s grandmother with my thick glasses. I had to get my hair styled and I had to invest in makeup and skincare. It was all very expensive and I lost count on how much I spent on all those just so that I can look presentable.

I know some of you ladies are like what I used to be too. Stuck in a situation where you are judged for your appearance. You want to changed; look stylish, look beautiful and enjoy being adored instead of being sneered at, but it is simply not affordable for you to do so.


Fret not. If you want to change for the better and boost your self confidence but your purse won’t really allow you to do so, there’s no right time to do so than now, as Lazada is having its very first Super Beauty Day on 10 October 2018. Lazada Super Beauty Day is the biggest beauty event in Southeast Asia, taking place in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, with over 600 brand flagship stores and more than 80,000 sellers of beauty products where you can actually glam up by buying beauty and skincare products from as low as RM1!


If you want to change, or if you already are but want to upkeep your beauty maintenence without burning your pocket, you might want to take advantage of Lazada Super Beauty Day

From 8 October, look out for collectible vouchers totalling up to RM150,000 on product pages and snap them up before anyone else does! You can also start previewing deals and add them to your cart and simply check out and purchase them on 10 October.

Get your fleek on. Enjoy amazing deals, promotions and vouchers on your favourite products when you shop on Lazada on Super Beauty Day. Be sure to check your Lazada app every 2 hours starting from 12am for Lazada Brand Flash Deals where there will be discounts on well known brands such as Urban Decay, Nivea, Olay, Origins, Shiseido, Eucerin, Neutrogena, Clinique and many mpre.


And that’s not all, there will also be Flash Sales where you can enjoy exclusive flash sales by Watsons with discounts up to 80%. Make a point to look out for deals as low as RM1 at 12am, 9am, 2pm, and 7pm on Super Beauty Day. Check out the products on offer in the upcoming time slots and tap the “Remind Me” button so you will receive a push notification once the sales starts.


And that’s not all. There’s more. There’s Slash Prices too. Where featured products from brands such as Biotherm, Klairs, CosRX, and Nivea to go as low as RM0.99.

Simply tap on the “Slash It” button next to your desired item to initiate a slashing session, then tap “Invite Your Friends To Slash”, and “Get it” when the number of required slashes is achieved.

And here’s another pro-tips you might want to take when you are shopping at Lazada this 10.10. Keep an eye out for more great deals with dating site username search, bundle buys and free full-sized gifts with purchase.

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I’m sharing this with you, because I am a woman too, and I care.

For more information on Super Beauty Day, visit and its social media pages:

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And oh, please do share your beauty awakening experience with these hashtags with me. I really would love to read them.


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