God will provide…

There’s been quite a few changes in my life lately. Alot things happened and made me ponder and reflect. Seriously speaking, I’m struggling a little bit where money is concerned, especially when the old junk car is constantly giving me problems and my husband is studying again.

But that does not really bothers me much because I believe that God will provide. I am sure He will. I have faith in Him that he will not make me endure more than I could. It’s not blind faith, mind you. My husband and I have been working very hard too, and so, I believe, God will bless our family and provide for us and make things easy for us soon.

Cleffairy: Dear Father in Heaven, please make things easier for us and guide us all the way.


  1. smallkucing says:

    Sometimes it’s not GOD will provide. God will provide if only we work for it. It’s like the Booksneeze video Praying Mantis who Cant Pray.

    At least you are not like those who just sit there and blame everyone for their misfortune. Lamenting here and there. Blame God for not giving them the things they pray for . Blame life for being so harsh on them …this and that.

    Some thing God wont give to us directly. He will go on a BIG round, let us have some bumps here and there before getting what we deserve.

    Could be God not giving you a new car right now coz He don’t wanna put additional finanial burden to you. Paying for a new car is a heavy financial burden.

    Later hutang keliling pinggang susah pulak. Have to korek money from here and timbus that lubang and korek money from some where else to timbus the other lubang pulak.

    Let’s hope God will help you to get more income soon. June is a bad month. So many expenses to pay.

    • Cleffairy says:

      True… that is why I’m not in a rush to buy a new car. Must live within my means… and anyway, I feel like many things in life is a blessing. God banyak pandai one… bukak our bijik mata big big and show us things that we dono.

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