Happiness in Hard Times

Here’s a book that tackles one important issue in life that every human being is in search for: Happiness. From the world renowned motivational speaker and authors of other best selling books such as Follow Your Heart, Being Happy and Making Friends, Andrew Matthews brilliantly comes up with yet another book that is geared towards making your life better: Happiness in Hard Times. His skills as a cartoonist were also used to add illustrations on each topic to make reading on such a serious matter, light and easy.

Happiness in Hard Times was published in August 2010 and since then its popularity rose across the world making it another bestseller hit. Same as with his other writings this book tackles the concept of achieving genuine happiness using our own efforts. Now people often wonder if there is indeed a way to achieve this. The 256-paged book was divided into different topics that deal about everyday life such as losing a job, death of a loved one and other situations where someone could easily feel lost and lonely.

With anecdotes and short stories followed by a logical explanation on how situations are to be handled, Andrew Matthews was able to carefully point out why people tend to be unhappy even with their own choices. The relatable stories, some are real-life events shared by other people makes the book a light read and you might even find yourself nodding while reading as you see yourself in that same situation.

Happiness in Hard Times is meant not only to be read but fully understood. Get your markers or pen and papers ready and start writing down the important notes.

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