How to tell if a girl is still a virgin?

That, my dear readers, is a question asked by many male specimens quietly among themselves. Unfortunately for most male specimen, that is a question that can’t really be answered, as there is no exact way to tell if a girl is still a virgin or not, unless she is sent for a thorough medical check up where the doctor will examine her on whether she still have her hymen intact or not.

Even then, without the presence of hymen, it does not mean that the girl is particularly experienced in bed, as hymen can actually be broken if the girl in question is particularly athletic. Horseback riding, riding a bicycle or even gymnastic could contribute to the loss of hymen.

While there’s not really a way to tell on whether a girl is still a virgin or not, there are myth concocted by highly imaginative people on how to tell whether a girl is still a virgin or not. Among them are:

1.  A non-virgin walks with her legs wider apart.

2. A girls’ fully-rounded backside suddenly flattens after she has sex.

3. A virgin’s breasts point upwards.

4. One’s breasts become larger after she loses her virginity.

5.A virgin’s urine is clear and sparkling.

6. A girl will definitely bleed when she had sex for the first time.

7. A girl who did it before have a ‘certain kind of look’ on her face.

Truthfully, there’s really no telling if a girl is still a virgin or not. After all, these days, the loss of hymen can now be surgically restored. The only way to find out is to ask and hope for an honest answer and have faith in the girl.

Aren’t you men thankful that despite the fact that you cannot tell whether a woman is a virgin or not physically, you could actually tell whether a woman in question has ever given birth before?

While hymen cannot be seen or the lack of hymen proves nothing about one’s sexual experience, one can always see stretch mark on women’s body as a result of pregnancy. And same goes with a C-section’s scar. Both of these marks, are not easily erased, unless of course, a very huge investment is made to erase them cosmetically.

Cleffairy: Pretending innocent won’t make you innocent, no matter how innocent you feigned yourself to be.


  1. Gratitude says:

    Virginity is sooooooo overrated!
    I’d tell any of my friends to look into the mirror and have a reality check should they dare to insist on a virgin gf or bride.

    Hard to tell these days, since girls are active in sports. The hymen tear cld be due to it. But definitely an indication if she bleeds. MY lousy two-cents worth! hehe

  2. claire says:

    I disagree on the #6. Not necessary that she will bleed on her first time.. i agree with gratitude.. accidents happen and a strong impact can tear the hymen indirectly..

  3. isley says:

    “There are myth concocted by highly imaginative people on how to tell whether a girl is still a virgin or not. Among them are:”

    #1. Not convincing because Paris Hitlton walk like a cat. (cat walk)

    #2. Really? Brtiney spears still look the same chubby chick.

    #3 Haha~ defying Gravity?

    #4 Kind of agree. Since there are foreplay before intercourse.

    #5 Oh. that must be too much drinking water.

    #6 This one is so true. perhaps even 2nd time will bleed,

    #7. Like what look?

  4. donna says:

    got attracted by ur title leh… =.=”
    so come and read…
    i only heard of 1 and 6…
    and 6th, sometimes virgin also no blood de leh..

  5. Christopher says:

    Seems like I didn’t learn anything yet from this post… but it’s been some time ..really some time to came across ‘interesting post’ here. .LOL LOL…

    have a good weekend, jie jie!

  6. ericlee says:

    hahaha very hard to determine wan…lol…but i thought the breast getting bigger is slightly through…NOT that much difference though…LOL unless the girl masturbate often la…then nothing to say the most certain way is just to ask..

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