Jedi Council vs Master Yoda ep. 1

The article below is written by Cleffairy Lucas…enjoy reading, people.

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Master Yoda has spoken to the Jedi Council and all of it’s Padawan. Master Yoda was very concern for the crumbling unity in the Jedi Council, as the citizens of the Galaxy has lost trust in the ability of the Jedi Council to keep the galaxy safe from the invation of the dark side after the recent Galactic Election. Obviously, The Jedi Council seems to have lost it’s touch in maintaining a posperous Galaxy after their supreme leader’s retirement a few years ago.

The new leader chosen by Master Yoda himself doesn’t seem fit enough for the task and seems to have lost control over the galaxy. Everything doesn’t seems right. Maintaining a peaceful galaxy is now no longer a breeze. There’s so many things happening out there. There are so many rumous and scandal. It’s not a wonder that the people in the Galaxy has lost their trust in the Jedi Council. Who would trust a leader who constantly nod off during a galactic conference or a leader who is rumoured to have blast a poor intrepreter to death anyway?

The people do not know who to turn to. It is either they continue to support the Jedi Council and endure whatever nonsense they plan to implement or join the Dark Side who claimed that they will soon ease the people’s suffering and reformed the entire galaxy.

The council have not been so kind to Master Yoda’s critism. In thirst for power, they had treated their former leader like a piece of grime in Darth Vader’s stinking G-string underwear. Constructives critism were never welcomed. Master Yoda, the retired leader himself has lost his voice in the Jedi Council and decided to leave Jedi Council until new leader has been chosen. Obviously Master Yoda is pissed with the council that he decided to make that decision. Master Yoda was known to be loyal to the council.

And recently, Master yoda decided to give the Jedi Council another piece of advice that many doubt will be taken seriously. This is what Master Yoda had to say today:

“Repeat not my mistakes, young padawan. Choose him again, no more. Stop this catastrophy, we must, young padawan. Work towards Galactic peace and unity, we must!” he urged.

It’s very unfortunate for Master Yoda as he now no longer have influence over the Jedi Council, and the Jedi Council itself is full of power thirsty aliens who refused to sacrifice their positions for the sake of all living organism in the Galaxy. Fractions of political beliefs is everywhere in the council itself. And the ‘bootlicking the leader’ virus seems to spread like a plague. It seems that the Council is no longer relevant to the Galaxy. The councillors are so busy in their quest for power and their lust for luxury that they had forgotten what the Jedi Council is supposed to fight for,which is for the citizen, and not themselves. The citizens of the galaxy are left in negligence to fend for themselves in the current state of turmoil.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think whatever Master Yoda had said will be taken seriously. In fact, the council has stopped listening to master Yoda ever since he decided to retire as their council leader. The council has long turn deaf ears towards the old master. Sad, isn’t it? And now the people have no choice. It’s either continue to support the corrupted Jedi Council or join the Dark Side.

Darth Vader and the Dark Side has been working very hard to gain popularity among the aliens in the Galaxy. I wonder if they’ll stay true to their words if they manage to overthrow the Jedi Council? Or do we the Galactic citizens needs a new force in order to rebuild the crumbling Galaxy? I do not know. Seek your mind, as the answer is within.

Cleffairy: May the force be with you. 😛


  1. chit says:

    lol. the first thing i read on a sunday morning is this??? gawd! were u referring to Malaysian Politics or yr office?? lol.

  2. cleffairy says:

    LOL… chit. I got bored. What do you think? Haha… Malaysian politics has so much drama… might as well add a little zing to the fiction. Whahaha… welcome to the dark side, people!

    Darth Vader: Luke, sertailah kegelapan. Kita boleh memerintah galaksi ini bersama!

    Luke: Tunggu sampai mampuslah!

    Darth Vader: Luke, saya bapakmu!

    Luke: Tak mungkin, tak mungkin, bapak aku dah kapoot!

    Hahahaha. 😛

  3. KevinP says:

    so darth is najib or pa lala? geez.. trying to jump start my monday morning.. and I have one nut case that knocked my lappy and now its acting cuckoo…. be off for the rest of the morning trying to fix this box of mine otherwise …

  4. cleffairy says:

    LOL… actually Darth Vader is Anwar and the Dark Side is Pakatan. Lmao…actually Malaysian politics can be quite humorous if you make an effort to laugh at it.

    So how’s ur lappy? Issit ok now? Or u nid techie’s help? 😛

  5. chit says:

    yeah, i hd thought so too (anwar/pakatan) but was running late on a sunday morning. lol. while i m not totally an anwar fan (but definitely not a BN fan!!), i thought the antics and the evil actions executed by BN, befittingly mirrors the DArk Side worrr. And u hv associated the Jedi Council with the BN..or rather the cabinet??? lol. hey, pleeease lah! Totally out of sync! lol. Please, please, no episod 2….George Lucas will bungkus, i tell u!

  6. cleffairy says:

    LOL, chit, I told you, I got bored. hahaha… actually i wanted to comment on the new podracers those teregganu exco just get, but then again, I’m no expert in podracers. Or maybe next time i should talk about aliens being sodomize? OMG…. 😛

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