Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur in Malaysia You Need to Know: Puan Hasniza Hassan

Have you heard of Qaseh Gold? If you haven’t heard of it, Qaseh Gold is a well known Malaysian homegrown healthcare brand produced by Qaseh Health Resources Sdn Bhd, a company that produces holistic shariah compliant food supplement products with the intention of building a healthier community in whole. Founded by an inspiring entrepreneur ,Puan Hasniza Hassan, Qaseh Health Resources is now a home to a variety of health products.

Here’s the woman behind Qaseh Health Resources, Puan Hasniza Hassan.

According to Puan Hasniza Hassan, the name Qaseh is derived from the word ‘Kasih’, which is literally translated to ‘love’, in English. ‘Love’, or ‘Qaseh’ that they are referring to in this context is family love, and the their company’s focus is to help build happier and healthier families with the help of their products.

“Maintaining a happy and healthy family requires a lot of work, and that means every members of the family requires more energy to focus on each other, especially in this fast paced era. If every family member’s energy levels are low, it will affect them both physically, mentally and emotionally. Moods will be bad and that will affect everyone. Our aim is to eliminate distress caused by fatigue, so that families can have more energy to spend quality time with each other, with improved moods.” she said during an exclusive interview in Qaseh Health Resources HQ earlier today.

According to Puan Hasniza Hassan, she aspire to introduce their products internationally in the nearest future. In addition to adding value and trust to their customers, they also offer opportunities to any individual who are interested in generating side income during this tough and challenging Covid19 era.

Here are some of Qaseh Health Resources products.

Qaseh Gold products are divided into two categories, which is for adult and children. The best -selling signature products are Qaseh Gold Adinda, Qaseh Gold Kekanda and Qaseh Gold Junior Asli.

For adults, they are offering Qaseh Gold Adinda, Qaseh Gold Kekanda and Qaseh Gold Premier. These are gender specific, with Qaseh Gold Adinda is for women, Qaseh Gold Kekanda is for men while Qaseh Gold Premier is for lactating mothers.

Price for Qaseh Gold Adinda: RM75 (Peninsular Malaysia) / RM85 (Sabah/Sarawak)

Price for Qaseh Gold Kekanda: RM75 (Peninsular Malaysia) / RM85 (Sabah/Sarawak)

While the products for children are: Qaseh Gold Junior Asli (date flavor) a. Qaseh Gold Junior Orange Qaseh Gold Junior Premium (Blueberry flavor) Brainee Bytes. Price of Qaseh Gold Junior Asli: RM59 (Peninsular Malaysia) / RM69 (Sabah/Sarawak)

The benefits of consuming Qaseh Gold products are:

-Providing energy for the body and mind for daily activities
-Helps to boost the body’s immune system
-Maintain a healthy digestive system
-Helps to improve focus
-Improving the bodily system in whole for an optimal health performance.

Qaseh Health Resources products are formulated from natural ingredients and superfoods such as Dates, Honey, Black Seed, Pomegranate, Arabic Gum, Za’faran, Figs, Olive Oil and many more. The best part about Qaseh Health Resources products are 100% free of added sugar.

Having met Puan Hasniza Hassan personally, what impresses me about her is that she does not just keep her entrepreneurial knowledge to herself, but she’s all about giving back to the society. Manifesting her aspiration to inspire women in Malaysia, Puan Hasniza Hassan encourages the involvement of Malaysian women from all walks of life to become successful entrepreneurs.

Puan Hasniza Hassan has definitely came up with plenty of initiatives to empower women and Malaysia, and will continue to do so in the coming years. As a woman myself, I’m happy that there are women like Puan Hasniza Hassan who are constantly encouraging us to improve ourselves and achieve our dreams. I’m sure is wasnot an easy journey but I can at least be assured that there’s strong women like Puan Hasniza Hassan who will be our backbone and lifting us up when we decided to embark on a journey to a successful business ahead.

For more information on Qaseh Health Resources and the products/services that they are offering, please refer to the information below:

Qaseh Health Resources
Address: No.9 Jalan 6, Taman Batu
Off Greenwood Park,
68100 Batu Caves,

Website: Facebook:


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