Introducing my new friend, MiFi MF230

I can do without a lot of things in life, but definitely not the Internet. Being an author, freelance writer and also a blogger requires me to be connected with the cyber world almost 24 hours a day. I have to be connected to take up writing projects as a freelance writer, and as a blogger, I constantly need to update my blog on the go from various location. In other words, the Internet and social media is my life, and my source of income. Without it, I am nothing.

If you’ve been really following my blog and is my friend on Facebook, you’d realized that I’ve recently moved into a new house, and I’m not exactly happy  with its terrible condition and the lack of Internet connection during the first few weeks of settling down in the new place.

I’m a hardcore Internet user. Imagine my frustration and STRESS when I couldn’t get connected to do anything. Sure, I subscribed to various broadband service provider and I do have mobile Internet, but the connection in my house is absolutely terrible. I daresay that this house is an abomination to all Internet user alike and should be avoid like a plague. I feel like a walking zombie, and I’ve been almost a permanent refuge in McD. You see, McD is offering free WiFi… 😛 So I went there everyday to do my stuff over a cup of refillable tea. 😛

Anyway speaking of WiFi and Internet connection, P1 just launched their P1 Mifi new ToGoâ„¢ plans featuring the new P1 Personal 4G WiFi : MF230 modem and the High Performance Personal 4G WiFi : MX230.

I was really grateful when P1 is offering to review their MiFi MF230 modem. It is a modem that will enable you to connect multiple device all at once and on the go. I thought, that’s pretty much Godsent and I could make use of the free Internet connection for a couple of weeks until my ISP comes and install the fiber line in my new house.. 😀


So, here’s introducing my new friend, MF230. The box set consists of the MiFi modem, a USB cable for charging and direct connection purpose and a small instruction leaflet.


It’s small, portable, and you could easily mistake it for a smart-phone if you didn’t really bother to take a good look at it. Basically, it is designed for you to use on the go. It runs on battery and can be can be carried in your pocket or bag. This modem can connect up to 5 devices at one go. So yes…you can connect your tablet, PC, laptop, smart-phone and whatnot all at once with this modem. Pretty cool, huh?



Once it is turned on and the connection is established, the first light will be stable in green (excellent coverage), orange (okay coverage) or red (low coverage). Then your device will be able to search and detect the P1 modem.  It is compatible with both Windows and Linux… so yes… if you are a person who detest Windows and is a Linux user…you may consider using this. I tested it on both Windows and my Ubuntu. My laptop that’s running on Ubuntu does not have any problems detecting the device. 😀 I must say, I’m pretty happy with this particular fact, as I had problems with another ISP where my Ubuntu cannot detect their modem and I had to find third-party driver just so that I could use that broadband. 🙁

I have yet to really, really test this babe… I’m still fiddling around with it… so I suppose when I’ve really tested it… with all the devices that I have at home, (laptop, smart- phone, tablet, PC) and on the go, I’ll let you know if I’d recommend this or not. Til then…stay tune and wait for my next review, ya?


Cleffairy: So far, I can really vouch that this MiFi MF230 is really great for travelers and bloggers who are always on the go. I’ve used this on the go with multiple device, and so far, it does not failed me.



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