It’s a consolation…

Frankly speaking, Chinese new year is not my favourite time of the year. It can get pretty hectic, stressful and depressing at times. There are alot of things to be done and alot of people to meet, just like a wedding. The only difference is that unlike weddings, you can’t hook up with planners to get things done for you.

It is really a consolation that there are kids around. I was really looking forward to meet my husband’s nephews, whom I adore. They used to be quiet and very reserved. They won’t even talk to me back then, as if they are afraid of me. But this year they are totally different and my heart melts when one of then told me that he loves me and thanked me for the small gift I got them. I was really happy to see them warm up towards me and I think they deserves a bigger angpow than last year from me. 😀

Cleffairy: I love to be around kids. It is easy to please them and make them happy. Their life is so uncomplicated and they are so appreciative, so unlike adults.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Pening? I think u say that because u tak biasa take care of children or mix around with them. I am okay with other children. I just garang with my own anak aje..and I dun think children are hard to handle. In fact, i have a lot of children who are my friends. It is the adults who are hard to handle and hard to please.

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